Gabriel Boric, president-elect of Chile, refers to Gustavo Petro

FILE PHOTO. President-elect Gabriel Boric speaks at a campaign event in Santiago, Chile. December 16, 2021. REUTERS/Rodrigo Garrido

Gabriel Boric, the student leader who won the presidency of that country from the political classes of Chile, made a comment about Gustavo Petro regarding a possible Latin American alliance What would be done if the leader of Human Colombia wins the presidential elections that will be held between May and June of this year.

In an interview with the BBC, the president-elect responded to a question about whether he recognizes with one of the leftist rulers region of. To which Boric replied:

“It gives me a lot of hope and I hope to have a job side by side with Lucho Arce in Bolivia, if Lula wins the elections in Brazil with Lula, the experience of Gustavo Petro is consolidated in Colombia. I think that a tremendously interesting axis can be put together there”.

Also, he said that I did not find anything about Nicaragua and in the case of Venezuela “It is an experience that has rather failed and the main demonstration of its failure is the six million Venezuelans in diaspora”.

Boric’s comment about “building an axis” goes hand in hand with what Petro himself said a few days ago in an interview with Bloomberg where he assured that if he wins the Presidency of Colombia, he will seek to build an anti-oil bloc to combat the climate crisis. .

According to that interview, Petro said that his vision implies a “great coalition of forces that could speak much louder in the global context in the face of the fight against climate change, and of being able to move Latin America to decarbonized, productive and based economies. in knowledge”.

The politician said he hopes such an alliance will include the President-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric, and the Brazilian Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Petro cried for Gabriel Boric’s victory in Chile

After the victory of the leftist Gabriel Boric in the Chilean presidential elections, the reactions in Colombia were immediate and perhaps one of the most striking was one of the main leaders of that ideology in the country, the presidential candidate for the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro.

Through his Twitter account, the leader of Colombia Humana left several emotional trills in which he celebrated the victory of the former student leader in the South American country. There, he not only congratulated him for defeating the right-wing José Antonio Kast, but he assured that his victory is a harbinger of what he will have in the May 2022 elections in his country.

“If I win the presidency of Colombia, I would seek to revive and strengthen the Andean Pact. The Andean Pact can be the platform for an industrialization of the region where Chile and Colombia should be allies”, Petro wrote on his Twitter profile, in response to a message that the current president-elect of the Chileans left him in June 2018, when the former mayor of Bogotá faced the current president of Colombia, Iván Duque, at the polls.

“I am proud to be part of the young and Latin American left that is growing in our continent. A firm hug from the distance, from the south, to Gustavo Petro, and all the strength for this Sunday!” Boric said at the time, a message that Petro brought up for the victory of his ideological partner.

But it was not his only pronouncement. It’s more, Petro acknowledged that he even cried after seeing that the young Chileans who gave Boric the victory, went to Santiago, the Chilean capital, to celebrate the return of a leftist government to power after the return to democracy in that southern country.

“I confess that last night I cried. That Víctor Jara and Allende returned to my memory, that I remembered the times when the coup in Chile showed me the brutality with which they destroyed the dream of change and social justice. Last night the crowds came out in Chile. Now it’s our turn, Colombia!” Petro said on the social network; message that was accompanied by a photo of a massive caravan in that nation.



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