Funny video – Dina El-Sherbiny mocks the diet in the way of “Tik Tok”

The artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, began publishing videos in which she shared with her followers and uploaded daily clips of her participation through the “Tik Tok” application, where she relied in the videos she publishes funny clips that highlight her sarcastic spirit. In her latest post, Dina appeared in a new video clip on her personal account on “Instagram”, embodying one of the satirical scenes of the diet, with a friend of hers, as they were eating greedily and making fun of the diet.

Meanwhile, Dina was talking to the gym coach and said to him: “We have been in the gym with you for a year and a half.” The coach replied, “Why do you go at what time?”, and her friend replied: “We must go.”

This video comes after a video that El-Sherbiny published on “Instagram”, in which she appeared as she embodies one of the scenes of the play of the late Samir Ghanem. The cockroach, Masoud.”

And the artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, had previously shared her followers and fans with a new satirical video clip that she collected with the artist Hisham Maged, in which they embodied one of the scenes of the late Farid Shawqi, as they appeared while they were talking on the phone together.

It is reported that Dina El-Sherbiny continues filming the series “The Last Role”, whose events revolve in a social, interesting and ambiguous framework, and it is scheduled to be shown on one of the electronic platforms, and includes only 12 episodes, written by Wissam Sabry, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, and starring: Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Noha Abdeen, Ibrahim Al-Samman, Maha Nassar, Mimi Jamal, and Maryam Al-Khasht.


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