FSV Hessen Wetzlar has to go to the Breisgau for the end of the year

The Bundesliga B-Juniors have a long journey to travel before the last game in 2021. Collecting points is also likely to be difficult.

Said Rahmani does not see his Wetzlar girls without a chance in Freiburg either. Photo: Tim Straßheim

WETZLAR – On Saturday at 2.30 p.m., the B-Juniors of FSV Hessen Wetzlar have to compete in a catch-up game at the end of the year in the Bundesliga youngsters of SC Freiburg. The originally scheduled game in Breisgau was canceled due to the serious injury of FSV goalkeeper Jule Fasl.

Wetzlar’s coach Said Rahmani approaches the repeated encounter in advance with a slight optimism: “We trained well over the week. SC Freiburg is currently in very good shape, which can be seen from the last results of the Breisgau women. It will be for It’s very difficult for us, but luckily you never have a chance in football. Like all our matches until the end of the season, we will approach this game with discipline and full commitment, “said the FSV coach.

Lorena Noll is missing that
B-Juniors in Breisgau

From the point of view of the cathedral city residents, the situation in the table has indeed become a little clearer since the defeat in Dortelweil. With two points from 13 games, the FSV juniors adorn the bottom of the table of the U17 junior Bundesliga, group south. For the game on Saturday, Lorena Noll was injured and another player had to withdraw due to an injury.


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