from the “cultural battle” to the burning of books

Some time ago, among teachers and sympathetic students, we set up two small schools on the Guernica property where 1,450 families were fighting for housing. One of the schools was in the La Lucha neighborhood and another in the July 20 neighborhood.

The families were concerned about the pedagogical continuity of their children. From that perspective, we went to accompany them. Because if not having a cell phone and internet prevent you from continuing with school, imagine also not having a home or living with 15 more people in a small space.

Hundreds of people in solidarity sent donations of clothing, food, school books, stories, supplies, toys, and diapers. Every afternoon we accompany boys and girls in school, artistic, cultural and recreational activities.

We promoted the expression of their thoughts, their concerns and their feelings about the reality that they were living with their families. They wrote it, painted it, sang it and shouted it loud and clear: We want a little house!

His request reached the offices of the most sinister ministries, however the response was not as expected. That education, health and housing are a right does not seem to apply when it comes to the poorest. Judge Rizzo, prosecutor Juan Cruz Condomi Alcorta (who took a selfie in the middle of the repression) are not so expeditious when it comes to guaranteeing the law and the rights of those who have nothing.

The helicopters that flew over the property in a threatening way for weeks, in addition to exerting terror on adults and children, specifically marked the places where people gathered to organize, to deliberate, where solidarity and unity were exercised day by day.

On Thursday morning, the government and the police in the framework of the brutal eviction of the families had particular cruelty with some places: the house of the companions of the women’s commission, the health post and the two schools that worked in the property.

They destroyed and burned the two little schools along with squares and neighboring tents. They burned food, they burned toys, supplies, board games, they burned books, YES, THEY BURNED BOOKS !! A postcard reminiscent of the last military dictatorship: banning and burning books. To name just one “Federico y el mar” by Graciela Montes was consumed by flames yesterday, a book by the great Argentine author who was banned by the military during the dark dictatorship. The same people who fill their mouths talking about popular education, now burn little schools.

Ailen, Thiago, Simón, Luz, Morena, Alex, Lucy, Omar, Leandro, Oliver, Maite, Valentina, Gaby, Jesús, and so many others we met at this time, today they were raised from their beds at 5 am with gunshots. rubber bullets and gases. A girl who two days ago played soccer and had a picnic with friends, today raised a handful of rubber bullets before a camera.

Those of us who understand that defending public schools is defending the struggle of the workers and the poorest people, we are today and always with the families of Guernica and of all those families that fight for their rights.

On Thursday the rich won, the government of Axel Kicillof with his despicable ministers Sergio Berni and Andrés Larroque put the police at their service so that there are no houses, squares or schools for the kids in Guernica lands, the police put them so that there they make rugby fields and countries for a few. The rest go to prison.

From never less to the repression and eviction of homeless families, from the cultural battle to the burning of books and toys. The end of the story.

But this is not going to stay that way, we are going to continue fighting it, the flag of land to live has to continue to be held high because housing is an elementary human right. And we are going to fight it until the end until each and every one of those kids has a piece of land.

The unions, viciously silent today, when they fill their mouths talking about childhood and human rights. Suteba for example has not said a word, much less has he called all teaching to stop in repudiation. They have to break politically with the government that has nothing different from the previous one or they are accomplices of the repressor of Kicillof, Berni and Larroque!

We denounce the brutal repression and its particular cruelty towards culture, education and health, as well as the absolute responsibility of the government of Axel Kicillof in the extreme violation of all the rights of children.

We, the undersigned, demand from the governor the restitution of the stolen and burned goods as well as the provision of free devices and connectivity for all, and the immediate adjudication of land and housing.

Without housing there is no education.

Out with the Guernica police!

Land to live!

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