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From political heavyweight to water carrier for the RPA

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Within the Benno Bokk Yaakaar (BBY) coalition, the Socialist Party (PS) has more mayors in the Dakar department with Alioune Ndoye (Dakar-Plateau), Jean-Baptiste Diouf (Grand-Dakar), Banda Diop (Patte d’Oie) and Mame Amadou Samba (Camberène).

At the same time, the Alliance of the Forces of Progress (AFP) has 2 (Ousmane Ndoye in Fass-Colobane-Gueule Tapée and Pape Seck in the HLM), against only 1 of the Alliance for the Republic (APR), in the nobody from Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr to Yoff.

But, the boss of Dakar since 2009, the PS is becoming the water carrier of the RPA, notes Le Quotidien in its delivery this Friday.

Moreover, the PS coordination of Sanitized Plots has already chosen Amadou Bâ as its candidate for mayor of Dakar.

In Kaffrine, the duel between Abdoulaye Wilane and Abdoulaye Sow should take place, while in Tivaouane, two Apéristes (Diagne Sy Mbengue and Abdou Ndéné Sall) have already shared the candidacies for mayor and the County Council.

Responsible for the administration and finances of the Ps, Mame Bounama Sall has been forgotten, just like the deputy Yéya Diallo.

In Mermoz, the coordinator of Socialist Vision, Alpha Bayla Guèye, fights against the Apéristes who will not give him gifts.

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