Home entertainment from Messi and Gallardo to L-Ghent, which are the best, most expensive and successful

from Messi and Gallardo to L-Ghent, which are the best, most expensive and successful

by drbyos

River’s DT Marcelo gallardo, the football players Lautaro Martinez, Franco Armani and Rolando “El flaco” Schiavi, former motorsport champion Juan Maria Traverso, the singers Andrés Ciro Martínez and L-Gante are sports and music figures who have something in common in this 2021: they launched their own wine and they shared it with their followers.

They are not the only ones. The famous names associated with wine range from Lionel Messi and Marcelo Tinelli (who has his own winery, Lorenzo de Agrelo) to musicians like Pedro Aznar, the bands La Renga and Las Pelotas, and the promoted brands of the rockers produced by the winemaker Marcelo Pelleriti: Felipe Staiti (Enanitos Verdes), Fernando Ruz Díaz, Juanchi Baleirón (Los Pericos) and Coty Sorokin.

Other famous They ventured into a Mendoza grape wine, although it was only for a harvest: Diego Armando Maradona (two lines of varietals and blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, 2002 vintage), Ricardo Arjona (Santo Pecado, vintage 2005), Jorge Rial (Rocío Moreno, 2009 vintage) and Florence of the V (Destination, a Cabernet Sauvignon, vintage 2011).

Diego Armando Maradona, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, launched in 2002. Photo: Mauricio Llaver.

There are projects that are very serious and included the purchase of a vineyard farm and even the construction of a winery, such as the family business of former Boca defender Nicolás Burdisso and its Potrero Wines.

Other celebrities just wanted to indulge themselves and put their name to a Malbec or release limited editions for your friends and followers. Sometimes it was the same winemakers and wineries who tempted these characters to promote their brands and reach new consumers.

In the case of several of the elite athletes, their foray into the world of wine came from having lived in large capitals in the United States and Europe, where wine is the drink par excellence. The affluent life allowed them to know and enjoy high-end wines. It is the case of Mario Alberto Kempes O Enzo Francescoli, who also have their Mendoza wine.

The wineries celebrate the promotion generated by this worldwide trend of celebrities with their own wine that in Argentina has been going on for several decades. Nevertheless, more and more characters want to associate their image with wineFor reasons of fashion, personal marketing or because they really are consumers and they value the quality that Argentina produces.

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The wine industry itself debates whether this adds or subtracts. And here the crack appears: “It is adding new consumers and take away all the technicality and snobbery that many want to print on wine”, Says Bernardo Bossi, winemaker of L-Ghent wine.

Others from his colleagues, who ask not to appear identified, They think that it is a serious marketing mistake to make a wine for this type of artist who has nothing to do with the exclusive and glamorous profile of wine premium.

The wines of Muñeco Gallardo and L-Gante: one high-end and the other popular

Marcelo Gallardo, River’s manager, chose Bodega Norton for an exclusive wine of only 14 thousand bottles. The Marcelo Gallardo Blend, is the best-selling wine this week in the Mendoza winery’s online store, at a launch cost of $ 3.814,80 (The list price is $ 4,768). In the first 48 hours, 3,000 bottles were sold.

The elaboration was in charge of the talented winemaker David Bonomi, winner of 100 Parker points. It is a vineyard court in Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo. A blend: 40% Malbec, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and another 30% Merlot, 2017 vintage and aged for 14 months in a French oak barrel.

“I was giving Marcelo options and the court ended up deciding him. It was like arranging the ball for a free kick, looking at the goal and being able to kick it at the angle, so that no one catches it ”, describes Bonomi with soccer passion.

The history of the River DT’s fans with wine goes back to his years as a player at Monaco, in France, where he was considered a crack. “He learned to taste and taste wines with his main collaborator, a person assigned to him by the club to learn the language ”, says the winemaker.

In the discussion of whether these winery alliances with famous people serve, Bonomi maintains: “These wines reach many people who follow their idols. Serves the industry and the more followers we get, the better ”.

The bottle of the Doll has a nod to the final of the Libertadores, won to Boca in Madrid. The wine is printed with the 0912 series, as a reminder of the historic December 9 that means so much to millionaire fans.

L- Glove, the cumbia and reggaeton singer, surprised last week with the release of his Malbec wine from Valle de Uco: Tinty 420. With almost four million followers on Instagram, the singer posted a photo with his face and the bottle of wine. I ask: “Is L-Ghent tint worth nothing? “Okay, actually $ 780.

The wine was made by the winemaker Bernardo Bossi, with grapes from Tupungato. It is a Malbec harvest 2020 that, for now, can only be purchased via mail writing to [email protected]

12 thousand bottles were made and, in less than a week, 60% of the batch has already been sold, according to his production team. One of his first buyers, who placed the order on Instagram, was Jana Maradona.

Far from assuming that it was just a marketing action, the L-Ghent winemaker recounts the genesis of this project: “We started working with Elian (the singer’s real name) and his manager Maxi, prior to the pandemic. They contacted me through the sommelier Marina Mendieta because the singer liked wine and wanted to have his own brand”, Says Bossi.

But the most revealing thing for the winemaker was having tried to explain technically the different varieties and terroirs. Say what L-Gante was clear: “I want a rich wine, that I can enjoy, that is the wine of the neighborhood, the one that is taken with friends on the corner”.


The “Flaco” Schiavi and his wine Ultimo Hombre.

Also Rolando “El Flaco” Schiavi, a historian from Boca, Newell’s and the National Team, got into the wine business with “Último Hombre”, a Malbec and a limited edition blend from Valle de Uco that is only available through of social networks.

For his part, the musician Andrés Ciro Martínez (former leader of Los Piojos) launched in August Just, the wine named after one of his best-known songs.

The leader of Cyrus and the Persians, chose a blend 5% Syrah, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon and 87% Malbec, with grapes from Gualtallary (Tupungato), La Consulta (San Carlos) and Perdriel (Luján). Prepared by the winemaker Andrés Vignoni, a lousy fanatic who is also Viña Cobos’s winemaker. The suggested price is $ 3 .499.

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The famous wines that are a success

It is known that everything that bears Messi’s stamp is a guarantee of success. It also happens with the L10 wine, from the Leo Messi Foundation, produced by Bodegas Bianchi. Each bottle costs around $ 800, and most of its collection is to support health care projects and the education of children with socioeconomic disadvantages.

Lionel Messi with Silvio Alberto, the oenologist who makes his wine.

Lionel Messi with Silvio Alberto, the oenologist who makes his wine.

Leo Messi also has a wine made to his liking. A blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot that has already been bottled and spent a year in oak barrels. There are only 3,000 bottles of a personal project that has not yet gone on sale.

In that group of oenological projects that started as a hobby and ended up in real businesses, there are the wines of the musicians Felipe Staiti, guitarist of Los Enanitos Verdes, and that of Juanchi Baleirón, singer of Los Pericos.

The Vertigo and Euforia lines, by Staiti; and Malbecaster, Gran Baleirón and Pink Flood, from Baleirón, They manage to sell all their production in the domestic market and export some boxes to foreign customers. They are wines from Mendoza’s Uco Valley. Each musician has participated in the tasting and defined, together with the Monteviejo winemaker, Marcelo Pelleriti, their own style.

In the case of Staiti, its wines allowed it to project abroad. Together with his son Natalio he opened a company in Italy, and from there he produces an Italian prosecco (sparkling white wine) and sells his wines to China, the United States, Europe and Mexico.

Nico Burdisso and his wine.

Nico Burdisso and his wine.

Another successful case is that of the former soccer player Nicolas Burdisso, that with his entrepreneurship Potrero wines It already produces around 100,000 bottles a year, of which 65% go to the domestic market and the rest are exported. By March 2022 he plans to build his own winery in Gualtallary, Valle de Uco.

The list of celebrities around the wine business continues to grow. For fashion or commercial strategy, more and more labels are created in the image and taste of a famous person.


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