From Mar del Plata to New York with a new video

The Joaqui, Renowned 27-year-old singer-songwriter, songwriter and rapper from Mar del Plata, was recognized as Spotify artist of the year and managed to be on the marquees of Times Square promoting Spotify’s “Equal” playlist, which, according to the platform, is to put women at full volume , shared with Yade Lauren and Leona Lewis. This contains various songs by more female artists, so it lasts more than two hours and has more than 12,634 “likes”.

In addition, the Mar del Plata is the revelation in freestyle and is internationally recognized for her participation as “Mecha” in the series “The Marginal” and, in the last hours he presented “Christian”, his last job.

“Cristianas”, a song with a moving rhythm in the best Malian style, which invites you to dance and feel empowered. The video clip was directed by Hungarian Key and shows the singer as the main character, surrounded by mega-produced people with makeup.

With this new album, La Joaqui once again opts for danceable and catchy rhythms, and shows that she knows how to flow them as she did recently with “Tarjeta Gold” and with “Lassie” with L-Gante.


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