Friday focus: Petter and ADAAM “Taking it back again” on new collaboration – see nostalgic video here!

Friday focus: Petter and ADAAM “Taking it back again” on new collaboration – see nostalgic video here!

From upcoming anniversary album by Petter.

When the song “Tar det värm”, from Petter’s third album, was released, his position as a pioneering artist within the Swedish hip-hop scene was cemented. Before that, he had slammed doors with the classic debut album “My Sixth Sense”, which came out in 1998. Just in time for the veteran’s 25th anniversary as an artist, he now reunites with ADAAM for a new version of the song, accompanied by a nostalgic music video.

– It feels great to be able to do this collaboration with ADAAM, which stands for the new Swedish hip-hop. He is for me a clear favorite and qualitative rapper. It feels like pig fat to be able to do the song together in a new costume, says Petter about the duo’s second collaboration after the remix of “SÖDERMALM” last year.

During his 25 years as an artist, Petter has released 15 albums with countless hits and is one of Sweden’s most appreciated artists and multitaskers. Therefore it is fitting that he the 8 september releases the album “Vart tirð sen 98”. The album is a time document with new versions, b-sides and songs that were included but for various reasons not released yet. Here you can also find the single “Winners & losers” – a collaboration with his wife Michaela that was performed at the Victoria concert last summer and was released in mid-July. In the next week, he will also play five gigs at the Mosebacke Terrace in Stockholm. Read more here!

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“Taking It Back Again” is released with a music video where Petter and ADAAM, just like in the original video with Sleepy, sit in a Lexus and rap. The video will be released during the day.

It’s far too rare that we see young and old rappers pay homage to the culture in this way. After collaborating with Sebbe as recently as the other week, we now get a new collaboration between ADAAM and Petter that feels as fresh as it does nostalgic. That last time we got to see the veteran bless the Märsta rapper’s work “SÖDERMALM” and that an old Petter song has now been brought to life is a beautiful exchange that is also not only right. It’s also a really cool song, with ADAAM spitting in a mature way and P.Lex offering a real OG verse of high caliber.

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