French physicists have created a gas bubble that could last more than a year before it erupts

PRIANGAN ZONE – A team French physicist announced that they could blow the bubble endure During 465 days before erupt.

The University of Lille team, whose findings were published in the journal Physical Review Fluids, said their research on bubbles found that soap bubbles tended to burst after a while due to “gravity-induced drainage and/or evaporation of the liquid” within the soap ball.

The team, Aymeric Roux, Alexis Duchesne and Michael Baudoin, studied soap bubbles and “fragile and ephemeral” gas marbles, a type of bubble made from a liquid solution containing plastic beads, reports, January 21, 2022.

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The researchers said they analyzed water-based gas bubbles and gas bubbles made with a solution of water and glycerol, a compound commonly used in a variety of foods and medicines.

Gas marbles containing glycerol exhibit a certain longevity, with one of the bubbles endure during total 465 days before exploding.

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The team says the age of the gas marble is believed to be a new world record.

The researchers say the durable bubbles they created during their project could be used to make foam stable. ***


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