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French people not ready to face possible nuclear accident, report says

by drbyos

On Tuesday, the National Association of Local Information Committees and Commissions, an organization recognized by the State and tasked with keeping the French informed about nuclear issues, published a report denouncing the French’s unpreparedness for a possible nuclear accident. .

The report published this Tuesday by National Association local information committees and commissions – a body recognized by the State responsible for informing the French about nuclear power and monitoring this activity and the structures concerned – is issuing the alert. In this document for the attention of the government, and relayed in the first place by Europe 1, Anccli believes that the French are not prepared to face a possible nuclear accident.

This gap is all the more deplorable as nuclear power is objectively one of the pillars on which the daily and economic lives of the country are founded. As EDF notes here, France takes place on the second step of the world podium of the three largest world producers of nuclear energy (after the United States but ahead of China). It derives 70.6% of its electricity from it and has 56 reactors of various power levels in its territory, and in 2021 has 18 nuclear power plants on its soil.

A faulty application

It is the official emergency plan, or rather its too partial application, which concentrates the remonstrances of Anccli. As the Europe 1 site notes, it provides in particular that the inhabitants of areas within a radius of 20 hours drawn around a nuclear power plant regularly receive a letter allowing them to go and obtain stable iodine tablets in a pharmacy. They should have received such a letter last year. However, 75% of those concerned are still waiting for the letter. These stable iodine tablets have for virtue, according to the Ministry of the Interior, protect the thyroid from a release of radioactive iodine.

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L’Anccli denounces the insufficiency of evacuation exercises. The association calls for the involvement of elected officials in the implementation of the emergency plan, in accordance with the law.

“We do not understand why, like what we have been doing for thirty years on road safety in France, we do not lead national campaigns”, slipped Jean-Claude Lalonde, president of Anccli on Tuesday morning at the radio microphone.

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