Freiburg: Information campaign in the trade schools on vaccination protection – as part of the European vaccination week, the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald health department is also raising awareness of the topic

As part of the European Vaccination Week, the health department of the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald carried out a
Information campaign at tissue schools tries to raise awareness of the importance of vaccinations.
Pupils and teachers came to the information stand at the Breisach trade school during the breaks in class and asked questions about vaccinations such as: have I missed a vaccination and why do I need it
Vaccination or what vaccination do I need for my next trip? In addition, the health department offered a vaccination book check for vaccination gaps.
The background to the campaign was that there were also gaps in a number of routine vaccinations in the population of Baden-Württemberg. Numerous routine vaccinations have been carried out especially during the pandemic
neglected, regular visits to the doctor were omitted. Vaccination is one of the most effective and cost-effective preventive measures in healthcare.
In addition, there are vaccinations that are explicitly recommended in our region, since the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and the city of Freiburg, for example, are a designated risk area for TBE. The TBE vaccination protects against the transmitted by ticks
tick-borne encephalitis.

Overall, the campaign was a complete success. The health department was able to offer what is one of its core tasks: advice.

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