Freiburg: Ice hockey: Third wolves duel goes to EHC Freiburg – clear 5:2 home win against bottom of table VER Selb (Selber wolves)

The Selber Wolves were guests in Breisgau today to duel with the Wolves Freiburg for the third time this season. The guests started concentrated and celebrated the supposed opening goal after 24 seconds. But the video evidence tried by the referees revealed a violation of the rules. Goal scorer Lukas Slaventinsky illegally kicked the disc into the goal with an active kick movement, so the goal was not awarded by the referees.
Freiburg was now definitely warned and conquered sovereignty on the ice in the next few minutes. After David Cerny and Christoph Kiefersauer missed great chances, Liam Finlay scored the long overdue opener for Freiburg in the 9th minute. The Canadian initially only hit the goalkeeper Weidekamp himself with his shot on goal, but got the shot deflected back again by teammate Marc Wittfoth. The goalie himself couldn’t parry the second attempt and it was 1:0 for the hosts. Further good chances of the Breisgauer did not lead to success in the first third and so the narrow but deserved lead went into the break.

The second third was less than two minutes old when the disc was back in the same goal. Scott Allen played around his opponent with a short feint and the subsequent wrist shot found its target to make it 2-0.
A little more than two minutes later, the hosts should be celebrating again. Goldhelm Tyson McLellan was sent on his way by Alexander Brückmann and the lively Canadian pushed the disc through Weidekamp’s schooners into the goal.

The same coach Herbert Hohenberger now changed the goalkeeper and sent Michael Bitzer onto the ice. “Actually, I wanted to rest Michael today and give him a break after his assignment in Wolfsburg,” said the coach after the game. “But I had to give the team an impetus,” explained the same trainer.

This tactical measure worked. The guests got stronger and took over the direction in the next few minutes. After Marvin Neher frittered away the puck on the Freiburg blue line, Lukas Slavetinsky was able to conquer the game device and pass it on to Nick Miglio. Patrick Cerveny was able to parry his shot in the Freiburg goal, but Jan Hammerbauer was able to use the rebound to make it 3-1.
Now the hosts got nervous and the Lower Bavarians got the upper hand.
Nick Miglio was able to make it 3:2 in the 31st minute and the game threatened to tip over.
But Freiburg recovered and even survived a one-minute double penalty after both Liam Finlay and Marc Wittfoth had to go to the penalty box.
With a lot of struggle and a bit of luck, the hosts saved the narrow lead in the third break.

In the last section, the game initially rocked back and forth. Both teams created good chances, but also neutralized each other over long stretches. In the 52nd minute it was up to Chris Billich to create clear conditions. The striker was spot on when Christoph Kiefersauer shot and was able to dust off the disc and push it past Bitzer into the goal. Now the resistance of the guests was broken. Freiburg launched one attack after the other and Christoph Kiefersauer was able to make it 5:2 in the 55th minute with a powerful slap shot.

After the long compulsory Corona break, EHC Freiburg reported back to the competition with a strong performance. “I’m surprised that we were able to show such a good performance again in the last third”, Robert Hoffmann praised his team.
Even coach Herbert Hohenberger was disappointed by his team. “After the first ten good minutes we fell back into old patterns,” said Hohenberger.

According to the schedule, the Freiburg Wolves will play their next game against Kassel on Sunday. However, it is not yet clear whether the game can take place due to some corona infections in the huskies.
The Wolves will play their next home game next Tuesday against Landshut.

1:0 (08:45) Liam Finlay (Marc Wittfoth, Tyson McLellan)
2-0 (21:58) Scott Allen (Christoph Kiefersauer, Calvin Pokorny)
3-0 (24:06) Tyson McLellan (Alexander Bruckmann)
3:1 (25:54) Jan Hammerbauer (Nick Miglio, Lukas Slavetinsky)
3: 2 (30:20) Nick Miglio (Lukas Vantuch, Daniel Schwamberger)
4;2 (51:24) Christian Billich (Christoph Kiefersauer, Hagen Kaisler)
5: 2 (54:31) Christoph Kiefersauer (Christian Billich, Alexander Brückmann)

Penalty minutes: Freiburg 14, Selb 6

Referees: Daniel Harrer, Bastian Haupt.

Spectators: 500 (sold out).

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