Free, €4.30, €7: to acquire a pet, you now need a permit in Wallonia

Want to welcome a little ball of hair at home? Not so fast… Since July 1, 2022, all people who wish to buy, adopt or receive a pet must apply for a license to keep a pet. Without this, the pet store, breeding or shelter will not be able to let you leave with your new companion. A permit that has a certain price, which depends on the municipality.

The Walloon Code of animal welfare now requires the presentation of an extract from the central file of environmental crime and animal welfare to buy, adopt or receive a pet.

This document makes it possible to prevent applicants from “impulsively” collecting a pet under the influence of emotion, but also to avoid recurrences of people already accused of animal abuse. The presentation of this paper has been in effect since the beginning of the summer. However, an adjustment period has been put in place. Applicants could therefore leave with their new companion and send the document no later than 1is october. This period of adaptation is coming to an end. From October 1, 2022, it will be mandatory to hold this document to recover the animal.

This permit applies to all pets. Whether it is for a dog, a cat, a chicken or even a goldfish, you will have to go to the municipality or apply online.

Municipalities are free to decide on a price under the principle of municipal autonomy

This approach has a cost that varies greatly from one municipality to another. While in most cases the permit is free, the municipalities are free to decide on a price by virtue of the principle of municipal autonomy. If your city or town decides that this document is chargeable, it also chooses the amount.

A very variable cost

Contacted by the editorial staff of RTL Info, the municipality of Lasne declares that this document is free. They detail:Citizens can make their request by email or by phone. They must then go to the counter, because the municipality needs the identity card“. Since the beginning of this measure, the municipality of Lasne has issued 68 permits. A request that they manage for the moment to manage especially because there are no people deprived of their right to keep an animal. of pet in their population.”The day when we start to have fallen people, it may take longer, because it will be necessary to verify the requests”.

In contrast in Huy, you will have to pay 7 € to obtain the famous sesame. A sum which corresponds to the tax for issuing municipal documents. “It is the same price for all documents issued by the municipality“says the city’s population department. As in Lasne, demand remains manageable: “We have about four to five requests per week“.

In the rest of Wallonia, prices are often within this range. In Braine-le-Comte, the issuance of the permit costs €4.30. On the other side of the country, in Verviers, the price is €5 while in Walhain it is €1.50.

A license that does not put off new pet owners

Although it adds an extra step to the process, future pet owners are cooperative, according to Gaëtan Sgualdino, president of the SPA (Société Protectrice des Animaux) of La Louvière. “For the moment, things are going quite well in terms of adoptions with this document. People are proud to show their pet license. There is no one laughing“.

Gaëtan Sgualdino adds all the same that some adopters are upset at having to pay a tax for issuing a document to their municipality.

But, still according to the president of the SPA of La Louvière, the cost remains low. “There is always a fee to adopt an animal. At the La Louvière SPA, for a dog over 8 years old, it costs €80. For a puppy, the costs are €350. This is a small percentage of the cost of adoption“. Especially since the request can be made online in some municipalities. Future adopters therefore sometimes do not even have to travel to obtain the document.

This permit is requested in all shops, shelters and animal farms. In the case of a sale between private individuals, it is not compulsory to present the document. However, an individual can still claim the permit to ensure that the purchaser has no history of animal abuse.


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