Fraudsters in Ukraine – cybercriminals learn PIN-codes from cards

So, using this scheme, fraudsters record passwords from bank cards. Also after that, they make duplicates of citizens’ cards and withdraw money from them.

How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers

In order not to get hooked by cybercriminals, you need to follow these instructions:

  • use ATMs located in bank branches, hypermarkets and well-lit and crowded places (it is difficult to unnoticeably install special devices there);
  • inspect ATMs before using them (in case of discrepancy between the elements in color or suspicious details, you should not use them);
  • not to disclose your bank card details to anyone (especially CVV and PIN-code);
  • do not transfer your bank card to strangers when making payments in food outlets, shops, etc.;
  • when entering the PIN-code, cover the keypad with your hand.

In addition, it is important to never leave your personal card details on obscure or suspicious sites.

Another common type of fraud is sending messages of various kinds to e-mail or social networks, which boil down to the fact that you need to pay a certain amount of funds. Messages are often sent about winning a large amount of funds or a valuable prize. The authors of the messages indicate the need to pay a certain percentage of the winnings to cover commissions and other costs associated with the conversion of funds or the correction of the prize.

It is worth remembering the golden rule – “free cheese only in a mousetrap.” Find out from the representatives the official terms of the promotion, ask the name and website of the company that held the promotion. If you pay funds to the indicated accounts, then most likely you will not receive any money and valuable prizes, and the author of the message will stop responding to your letters.



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