Fraud with European funds for millions was revealed in Romania

Fraud with European funds for millions was revealed in Romania

Five people in Romania were sent to court for fraud with European funds in the amount of 7.7 million lei or about 1.5 million euros. This is clear from a press release of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate sent to BTA.

According to the indictment, between 2010 and 2013, within the framework of the implementation of four projects financed with grants aimed at supporting vulnerable persons on the labor market, the administrator trading company “Euro Jobs” OOD (SC Euro Jobs SRL ), in his capacity as project manager, submitted a total of 29 requests for refunds to the Regional Unit under the Sectoral Operational Program “Human Resources Development”, to which he attached false documents.

From the evidence presented in the case, it is established that in reality the activities of professional training programs were not carried out or were carried out with a smaller number of hours and trainees than specified in the project.

The case file has been sent to the Hunedoara court for consideration.

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2023-05-08 14:20:25

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