Frankfurt: Illegal Corona party escalates into a mass brawl – several injured


Mass brawl at illegal Corona party: four young people arrested, several injured

An illegal Corona party in the Niddapark in Frankfurt am Main escalated into a mass brawl late on Saturday evening. There were several injured.

Frankfurt am Main – At an illegal Corona party in Frankfurt am Main Violent riots broke out and several people were injured. Four young people were arrested by the police, apparently there had been a mass brawl!

Mass brawl at an illegal Corona party in Frankfurt: the police came with numerous forces. ©

The fight happened on Saturday evening in Niddapark in the north of the Main metropolis, as confirmed by the police.

Numerous young people had gathered in the extensive green area and at the Niddapark underground station, we are talking about more than 150 young people. Apparently an illegal party was celebrated here – current regulations to contain the coronavirus pandemic in Frankfurt and Hesse prohibit such gatherings.

How exactly it came to the riots is still unclear. However, “gunshot noises” were also heard, as a spokesman explained. The alarmed police therefore moved out “with strong forces”. Rescue workers were also on site.

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“Following initial investigations, four youths between the ages of 16 and 17 were arrested,” the police spokesman continued. The two 17-year-olds are accused of firing a blank gun.

The two arrested 16-year-olds are suspected of having committed robbery offences. “Objects” were secured from one of them. According to TAG24 information, these should be stolen smartphones.

“The young man had significant injuries, which is why he had to be taken to a hospital, where he stayed,” added the spokesman. How the serious injuries came about is still unclear.

Other victims of robbery and assault are seven young people aged 13 to 18 years. The nearby Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse was partially closed as a result of the police operation until around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday evening.

The investigation into the incident in Frankfurt’s Niddapark is ongoing.

The incident brings back memories of the first Corona year 2020. At that time there was a series of violent clashes between celebrating young people and the police in Frankfurt. However, no police officers were attacked in Niddapark. Rather, there was apparently violence among young people.

On Saturday there was also a larger one in Frankfurt Demonstration with around 3000 participants against the Corona policy instead of. However, it is completely unclear whether there is a connection between this demonstration in the city center and the party in Niddapark.

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