Frankfurt coach Glasner returns to Wolfsburg

Coach Glasner reached the Champions League with Wolfsburg – and then left the club. The relationship with managing director Schmadtke was characterized by professionalism, but also by personal distance. Now the makers meet again.

Frankfurt’s head coach Oliver Glasner meets his old employer, VfL Wolfsburg. Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa (Image: dpa)
(Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa)

Frankfurt / Main – The reunion of Oliver Glasner as trainer of Eintracht Frankfurt and Jörg Schmadtke as managing director of VfL Wolfsburg at prime time on Sunday evening could be so harmonious.

Both could chat about the top start of Lower Saxony or the latest experiences in the Champions and Europa League and pat each other on the shoulder again: Hey, entry into the premier class with Wolfsburg, we did well! Both protagonists have already indicated that after difficult months, in which only the great professionalism held the duo together, this will not happen.

“I don’t know if we will run into each other, but if that is the case, I will be normal. I’ll say hello to him and wish him all the best, ”said Schmadtke to the“ sports buzzer ”. The Austrian Glasner was recently asked whether he had sent his former boss a congratulatory text message after the 0-0 draw in Lille for the start of the Champions League. “You didn’t win,” replied Glasner – he laughed, the journalists smiled. And that said everything.

Not a nice finish

The sporting success is one thing, but the Glasner exit was also about questions of style. The 47-year-old had hardly left the club when the veteran Josuha Guilavogui said in a newspaper interview: “Yes, I’m glad he’s gone because for me personally it was the worst relationship I’ve ever had with a coach in mine Had a career. ” It was clear to him: “If he stays, then I want to go.” The association has no direct connection with the statements, but quotations in printed interviews are approved by the clubs in standard practice.

This week the topic of Wolfsburg was omnipresent at Glasner again. First he gave a lecture on Wolfsburg’s game in Lille (“With the left eye on the last year, with the right eye looking ahead”), then he had to serve a ban in the Europa League that UEFA imposed on him for an offense with VfL would have. “There are precedents where an objection has been lodged by the club. That was not the case here, now we have to pay for it, ”Glasner remarked during the week.

Now there will be a direct duel on Sunday (7.30 p.m. / DAZN), to which the coach said: “I’m looking forward to returning because it’s been two successful years. I learned a lot, a lot about the Bundesliga and German football. ” The game is decided “not by me or Jörg Schmadtke, not even by Mark van Bommel, but by the players on the field”. Glasner says he is still in contact with some of the Wolfsburg players.

Constant tension

But what had actually happened between Glasner and Schmadtke before the split after surpassing all of the season’s goals this summer? The coach, who was valued in Wolfsburg mainly for his great knowledge and expertise, made critical remarks about the club’s transfer policy in November. «One of our transfer goals was to get a player with speed and depth. We just couldn’t do that. ” Schmadtke then spoke of “Phantasialand” and added: “You can’t want things that are unrealistic.”

The fact that, despite the constant tension and human differences between the two leading figures, the two leading figures never split up early during the season was probably due to the fact that VfL continued to play football successfully and only lost one competitive game between the beginning of November and Christmas. Wolfsburg won up to the Champions League, Glasner circumnavigated the topic of the future until the end of the season and switched to Eintracht a few days after the 34th matchday, where he has repeatedly emphasized the huge enthusiasm of the fans and the fanatical environment.

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