Frank Vandenbroucke: “We can withdraw freedoms from people who refuse to be vaccinated”

“I totally disagree with Georges-Louis Bouchez,” said the Minister of Health.

Lhe Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit), does not wish to discuss a general vaccination obligation, but he believes that people who do not want to be vaccinated can be deprived of a number of freedoms. On this question, he is also “in total disagreement” with the president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, he said Thursday during the Terzake program (Canvas-VRT).

Earlier this week, Mr. Bouchez, on the Terzake plateau, described the introduction of a health pass in Brussels as “failure of the Brussels corona policy”. He added that, according to him, the non-imposition of vaccination but the introduction of the Corona Safe Ticket represented a “false freedom”. “You can’t tell people that they have a choice whether or not to get the vaccine and then if they made the ‘wrong’ choice, make their life difficult,” said the president of the MR. “If we really leave the freedom to be vaccinated, we have to accept that some people do not. “

“I totally disagree with Georges-Louis Bouchez”, reacted Minister Vooruit Frank Vandenbroucke on Terzake on Thursday. “People who do not want to be vaccinated can be denied a number of freedoms. If you don’t want to be vaccinated you have to be prepared to get tested every day when you go out and it will quickly get expensive. You can put a number of restrictions on someone if they don’t want to be vaccinated in order to protect society, ”Vandenbroucke added.

The Minister of Health also considers that Brussels should introduce a health pass “urgently”. But pointing the finger at the capital or blaming it won’t help matters, he says. For example, the vaccination rate in Antwerp is much lower than in the surrounding municipalities. According to Mr. Vandenbroucke, it is not because the mayor or the municipal council do too little. “We should not blame the people of Antwerp, we should help them shift into high gear as much as possible. “


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