Found “Mad Man” destroying people’s rice Finally lost consciousness and found infected with “Covid”

The staff of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation Received notification of death At Soi Ekachai 8, Intersection 4, Ekachai Road, Bang Khun Thian Subdistrict, Chom Thong District, Bangkok therefore came to check with the police Bang Khun Thian Police Station Preliminary from the examination, the deceased was a man, chubby, red-skinned, then the officers tested for the infection.Covid-19″ By checking ATK, it was found that there were 2 lines. As a result, the five good citizens who came to help are at high risk.

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A good citizen who was present at the incident said the man had symptoms.maniacBefore rampaging and destroying things in people’s houses in Soi Ekachai 8 intersection 4 before throwing their own bags away. and took off his clothes to lie down in the water at the water channel near the scene and shouted that he was infected with COVID-19 But with everyone not believing Because it is assumed that only peoplemaniacGeneral, before finding that he was breathing heavily and was unconscious. The five good citizens then went to help and performed a heart pump. before contacting the staff to pick up and from examining the inside of the deceased’s pocket It was found that a letter was written to his mother. Identify yourself with COVID before handing all the documents of the deceased to the police Bang Khun Thian Police Station continues to investigate.

police officer Bang Khun Thian Police Station, investigating the mother of the deceased, found that the son’s mania was caused by stress. because he knew he was infectedCOVID Before the incident, his son disappeared, not knowing where he had caused the incident. As for the death of his son, he did not like anything. and asked the staff to help bring the funeral according to the preventive stepsCOVIDnext






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