Found love during detention Girl announces engagement to a blind date after lockdown Stuck at the guy’s house for 1 month

A woman stuck in a blind date’s house for a month after a sudden lockdown announcement. Recently, the couple decided to get engaged.

A Chinese woman travels to the home of a blind date. Which is 140 kilometers away, but due to lockdown measuresCOVID-19 suddenly They have been living together for a month. Recently, the couple decided to get engaged.

In mid-December 2021, Zhao Xiaoqing, 28, from Baoji, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province. had traveled to Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, to meet with Zhao Fei. This was the second blind date, but it turned out to be a month-long stay at the man’s house when the authorities suddenly announced lockdown measures.Covid-19

Zhao admitted that she was uncomfortable at first. But the dating family is very friendly with her. And soon she got used to it. A week later, Zhao Fei’s parents urged him to think about marriage. which she felt was too early

But after spending 20 days with Zhao Fei, She found that they had a lot in common. therefore decided to develop a relationship

“I live selling apples. and he helped me no matter how late i am very impressed And we plan to get engaged. After canceling the lockdown which may be before Chinese New Year 1 Feb.

“I found love duringSelf-isolate This is the greatest gift I have in 2021,” said Zhao Xiaoqing.

She also revealed that The first time she saw Zhao Fei’s picture. She didn’t care much. But when he found his true self She found that he was cuter than the picture. And the two get along well.

Both of them have plans to startbusinesstogether like selling Apple online which is an apple from their hometown


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