[Foto sensible] Scandal in Argentina for taking photos with the body of Maradona

Matías Morla the lawyer, representative, and friend of Diego Armando Maradona, was totally outraged and dismayed after the viralization in the networks of the controversial image of an employee of the funeral home where the body of Diego Maradona, photographed next to coffin of the Ten, so he decided to escracharlo in the networks with name and surname.

The picture, as happened with Evita, is causing a real scandal in the last hours, generated enormous anger among fans of the ex footballer, at a time when he is veiled at the Casa Rosada and tens of thousands of people come to give him the last goodbye.

He reacted violently to the dissemination of that infamous photo was Diego’s last lawyer. In a first tweet, Morla wrote: “Before the viralization of an image of Diego on his deathbed, I’m going to personally take care of finding the scoundrel who took that photograph. All those responsible for such an act of cowardice will pay”. He has written on Twitter.

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