Former F1 driver: “Penalty Verstappen probably useless”

Max Verstappen will have to collect a three-place grid penalty during the Russian Grand Prix, which means that the Dutchman must add three places to his qualifying result. According to former Renault F1 driver Jolyon Palmer, the grid staff is unlikely to have any effect on the Red Bull driver.

“It is very likely that Verstappen, like Valtteri Bottas during the Italian GP, ​​will use a new engine in Russia. That means that Verstappen will have to start at the back of the grid and thus the grid penalty the Dutchman has received would become useless. “

“That ensures that the penalty is the same as the battle penalty that Lewis Hamilton received for the incident that took place between the two ruffs at the Silverstone circuit,” Palmer refers to the incident between Hamilton and Verstappen during the British GP.

Then Verstappen was knocked off the track by Hamilton and the Mercedes driver was given a time penalty that ultimately had no effect on the outcome of the race. Hamilton won the home GP, despite the time penalty.

According to Palmer, there will be no new duel between Hamilton and Verstappen during the GP of Russia. “Because Verstappen will probably have to start at the back, the two will probably not meet. During the rest of the season, however, that will be the case even more often. Both drivers seem not to know about giving up and are determined to go for the title Palmer concludes on

Despite the former Renault driver feeling that the penalty will have little effect on Verstappen’s race at the Sochi circuit, Palmer can live with the penalty.

“Both Hamilton and Verstappen were a bit naive in their action, thinking that the other would eventually give space. I would probably have called it a racing incident if I had been a race steward, but I also believe that the The blame was just a little more with Verstappen, which is why the race stewards decided to punish Verstappen.”



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