Former cashier, Khadija has become a night bus star in Rennes

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Khadija driving her bus, in Rennes. (©Hugo Murtas / actually Rennes)

“My bus is my community centre. Me, I’m the facilitator. » Khadija52, is night bus driver for 15 years at Rennes. When the metro closes at 1:20 a.m., she and her colleagues ensure the continuity of urban transport until 7:30 a.m.

Former cashier in a supermarket, Khadi (that’s his nickname) does this job for the human contact. “In my old job like today, I always wanted to feel comfortable at work. »

With his multicolored sarong, always placed on the back of the seat, the Rennaise has this smile and this contagious good mood. So we boarded the N2 so that we too can travel with the star of night buses in Rennes!

His four children work on a bus

“When I get to work, I always hope to be on Khadi’s bus because I know it’s going to be fine,” a security guard told us. The driver loves her job and shares her positive attitude with the people around him. “When I’m on my bus, I forget my worries. I just want people to be settled and safe. »

Khadija at the wheel of the night bus, in Rennes.
Khadija at the wheel of the night bus, in Rennes. (©Hugo Murtas / actually Rennes)

The link between Khadi and the bus is a real family history. “I became a bus driver thanks to my ex who was a driver. Even more surprising: his four children also work on a bus, as chauffeur or mechanic.

When they were little, they liked to ride the bus with me. They grew up on my bus, they were bitten by the disease! Now I often meet them at the park and ride or during trips.


If the Rennaise is also noticed, it is mainly due to her personality. Ray of sunshine in the Rennes night, she also knows enforce while remaining benevolent.

When I open my door, I look my customers in the eye one by one. I personalize and say goodnight to them. Respect is important. I also know that sometimes I am their only smile of the day.


“At night, people are less in a hurry”

His passion also allows him to have a vision positive of his nocturnal job. Don’t talk to him about insecurity. For her, the night is above all synonymous appeasement.

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People are less aggressive and less in a hurry than during the day. All they want is to go home. They are not up to the minute.


More Khadija is never alone on board. Faced with people who are sick from alcohol, or people who are too insistent before getting in, the driver is always accompanied by a security agent. This is the mandatory rule.

“Our main role is to always stay in communication with the driver at each stop so that the journey goes smoothly,” explains Mohand, black safety down jacket on the back. “When they are sick, I like to put them next to me. If I need to stop, I stop! adds Khadi.

Mohand, security guard on night buses in Rennes.
Mohand, security guard on night buses in Rennes. (©HM/Actu Rennes)

Pleasant customer feedback

Working night shifts sometimes holds nice surprises for Khadija. First by the plurality of customers. “It’s nice because there is the first wave with those coming out of bars or clubs. And the last wave with those who work in hospitals, retirement homes and those who travel. »

Khadi also meets surprising clients, like the day a man and his friends organized a bachelor party on his bus. “He greeted everyone in their bra by giving them a kiss. Some were a little embarrassed, others loved it, but the atmosphere was cool and respectful,” she adds.

Khadija at the wheel of the night bus, in Rennes.
Khadija at the wheel of the night bus, in Rennes. (©Hugo Murtas / actually Rennes)

From Thursday to Saturday, from 1 a.m. to 7.30 a.m., the star driver in Rennes transports on average 600 clients. And some regulars get attached to her.

I have already been offered flowers, chocolates and even tips to thank me, that is necessarily a pleasure. Without the customers, I am not there, and vice versa. We complete each other.


It’s already 4 o’clock. Khadija drops us off at the terminus at Pottery before continuing its last night journeys. Returning to the road, still with her galvanizing smile, Khadija admits: “I don’t know if I could stop one day”.

The timetables for the night buses in Rennes can be accessed by clicking here.

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