Forecast for 12 September 2021

Match preview

Prediction of the match FK Arsenal Tivat vs Mladost DG. The start of the meeting is scheduled for September 12 at 10:00. You can then familiarize yourself with all the pre-match odds. They will help you understand what today’s rivals are capable of.

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FK Arsenal Tivat team summary

FK Arsenal Tivat leaves a vivid impression, taking 2nd place in the table with 10 points obtained after 4 matches. Good efficiency – with 1 goals scored per game and with a reliable defense – 0.3 goals against they have won 3 games, have drawn 1 and have lost 0. In addition, his attack is especially dangerous from minute 16-30 of the game. During this period, they have scored 1 goals. The club has great potential to win the next game.

Liga Druga Crne Gore positions in the table

j G T D GA P Uniform


FK Bokelj Kotor

4 3 1 0 8-1 10


FK Arsenal Tivat

FK Arsenal Tivat

4 3 1 0 4-1 10


FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje

FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje

4 2 1 1 3-2 7


FK Igalo 1929

FK Igalo 1929

4 2 0 2 5-3 6


Mladost DG

Mladost DG

3 2 0 1 3-2 6


FK Berane

FK Berane

4 2 0 2 5-6 6

Part time: FK Arsenal Tivat – Mladost DG

Thanks to the analysis of the team statistics, we have determined both the strengths and the weaknesses of the two teams. Based on these data, we expect a fairly brilliant, intense and fighting match. It is extremely difficult to find the right bet for these types of games, as clubs can always create some kind of surprise. But we have selected a bet that is likely to be successful:

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