[For online competition / e-sports]50 selections of English gaming terms, abbreviations, and slang | Word Meaning Red Bull

[For online competition / e-sports]50 selections of English gaming terms, abbreviations, and slang | Word Meaning Red Bull

Experienced gamers can communicate with opponents and teammates without using words.communicationcan be obtained. In a sports game, your play might convey your intentions, while in a racing game, your well-aimed drift might convey your message.

but stillin-game chatThere is nothing better thanAs video games have evolved, changed and grown over time, and online multiplayer has emerged, language has followed the same path, with each title you play.own languagewas produced.

gamer’s languageis constantly changing while responding to new platforms released into the world along with technology. Therefore, if you are a veteran, there may be no problem,Numerous abbreviations and slang used in online titlesBeginners trying to understand will be a little discouraged.

So, in order to help beginners who want to play an active role in the world and enjoy playing with players around the world,List of common English gaming terms, abbreviations and slangI prepared I would appreciate it if you could use it as a Rosetta Stone for gaming. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s a list that’s been collected as best it can, and should help you open up new horizons.

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50 English gaming terms, abbreviations, and slang

AAA:big video game. Various from completely new works to remakes of masterpieces. Examples: “Grand Theft Auto” series, “The Legend of Zelda” series, etc.

AD:Abbreviation for Attack Damage.This value is『Dota 2』or“League of Legends”It becomes very important in MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where you have to face multiple opponents at the same time, such as .

ADS:Abbreviation for Aim Down Sights. Means the player can look into the sights and aim with high precision. Opposite of hip fire.

AFK:Abbreviation for Away From Keyboard. Moving away from the meaning of “staying away from the keyboard”, it means leaving the front of the PC or game machine.

LoL features ultra-fast gameplay

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AoE:Abbreviation for Area of ​​Effect. It means range effect and range attack. Adding effects/attacks to a specific range instead of a specific target.

Bot:bot. Means a computer-operated character or object. In the Mario series, this includes all enemy characters from Goomba to Bowser.

Buff:buff. Strengthening a specific character, such as a champion of “League of Legends”.

BM:Abbreviation for Bad Manner. Used when a player behaves badly. example:“call of duty”yelling abuse after being sniped at, and performing goal celebrations that provoke the opponent even more after taking a massive lead in a soccer game.

Camp:camp. A noun or verb that means to wait for an opponent by setting up a particular position where you can target them from behind. It is a play that tends to get frustration from opponents, but the survival probability is high. Standing where your opponent respawns is called Spawn Camping.

Clan:Clan. Means a team or group of players playing the same title. From professional esports teams competing in major events to groups of friends.

Cooldown:cool down. Refers to the amount of time it takes for a particular ability or weapon (e.g. League of Legends summoner spells) to become usable again.

Craft:craft. Using in-game items or materials to create other items or objects.“Fort Knight”Equivalent to building a tower using wood in .

Crafting matters in Fortnite

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DLC:Abbreviation for Downloadable Content. Paid or free additional content. From multiplayer maps to new characters and abilities.

DPS:Abbreviation for damage per second. It refers to the amount of damage a character or weapon can inflict in one second. The higher the value, the better the attack efficiency.

Easter Egg:easter egg. Means a hidden element in the game. It includes versions as simple as the Yoshi homage in Super Mario Odyssey’s Super Mario 64 to the in-game games up to Atari 2600 in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Frag:flag. To kill an enemy. For example, the entry flagger is “a roll that initiates a battle and defeats as many enemies as possible”. Sometimes it means the frag grenade itself of the etymology.

VALORANT is one of the most popular FPS titles right now

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FPS:Abbreviation for First-Person Shooter.『VALUATING』Refers to action/shooter titles that can be played from a first-person perspective, such asuse this title【Red Bull Campus Clutch】is known as the world’s largest student FPS team tournament.

Gank:gank. Attacking an opponent player who is weaker or has a numerical disadvantage. Mainly used in League of Legends.

Glitch:glitch. Taking advantage of gameplay bugs and glitches. When you “use” it, you need to be careful not to “abuse” it.

Grind:grind. Repeating the same actions to increase experience points or unlock rewards. “Farming” and “work” are also synonymous. Fighting games sometimes mean fighting and practicing.

Hitscan:hit scan. It refers to weapons and characters that hit and damage immediately after firing, rather than calculating various factors (projectile speed and trajectory) after firing.

HP:Abbreviation for Hit Points. Refers to the basic health and remaining health of a character or unit.

HUD:Abbreviation for Head-Up Display. A general term for all visual elements and information displayed on the screen (physical strength, maps, weapons, remaining bullets, goals, experience points, etc.).

Kiting:Kiting. Hit and run while keeping enough distance between yourself and your opponent. Because it is similar to operating a kite (keeping a distance by pulling and releasing the string). For example, the powerful clans of “World of Warcraft” are good at kiting in groups.

Lag:rug. Poor internet connection causing delays in play. It’s laggy.

Mashing:Button mashing. For beginners of fighting games, randomly hitting buttons without knowing what to do is called “gacha push”.

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MMORPG:Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. A large-scale multiplayer online RPG. Such as “Final Fantasy XI” and “World of Warcraft”. It is different from MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) represented by “Dota 2” and “League of Legends”.

Meta:meta. It means fashion and trends at that time. An abbreviation for Most Effective Tactics Available, that is, sometimes refers to the most popular tactics (fighting) and strategy for each title or scene, but basically the former. FPS and fighting game metas often change with each update or fix.

MOD:mod. An abbreviation of Modification, it means that the player modifies the game or the modification data. There are many things that add changes to the visuals, such as map layouts and character looks.

Nerf:Nerf. To weaken a specific character or weapon, such as a League of Legends champion. If a certain character or weapon is judged to be too strong by players, the development team may weaken that character or weapon in the next update to balance it out.

N00b:Noob. Refers to newcomers to a particular game. Also synonymous with rookie and newbie. Basically, if you use this in text chat, you should think you’re being made a fool of. Of course, there are times when it is used teasingly among friends.

NPC:Abbreviation for Non-Playable Character. Refers to characters in general that are not controlled by the player in the game.

“Tekken 7”

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OHKO:Abbreviation for One Hit Knock-Out. To KO an opponent with one shot or one combo. Rare but not impossible!

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1 hour 21 minutes

Against the Odds -Great Reversal Story-

2018 was the worst year for professional video game Dota 2 team OG. The main force was transferred in a way that left a grudge, and he missed the qualifying exemption for the scene’s biggest tournament TI8. Chase the miracle of those who challenged the big tournament, which has updated the highest total prize money in esports history every year, and grabbed the glory. (Japanese subtitles)

Peel:peel. Originally a verb meaning “to tear off”, it means to attract or attack an enemy to yourself, preventing a weaker teammate from being attacked.

Ping:pin. (1) Communication time between computer and server (2) Markers that team members put on the screen to teach directions, objects, and enemies.

PvP / PvE:PVP means player vs. player. so-called interpersonal warfare. PvE is player vs. environment, meaning that the player is playing against computer-controlled characters or objects. PvE also includes titles where the entire world is the enemy, such as the Resident Evil series.

Pwned:Paraphrasing of Owned. Since the P and O on the keyboard are often mistyped next to each other, it has come to mean the opposite of “Owned”. Ta. If you can’t respond well in trash talk, you may be able to throw this word from the other party in text chat.

Ragequit:Rage Quit. The so-called sharp drop. Leaving the game in mid-match out of frustration due to lag, bad luck, or poor performance. of FIFA【FUT】is frequently seen in Many players destroy their controllers…

RNG:Abbreviation for Random Number Generator, which refers to the random generation algorithm in the game. Various elements such as the contents of the treasure chest and the amount of damage to the character are determined by this.

RPG:Abbreviation for Role Playing Game. Traditionally, it refers to turn-based RPGs such as the “Final Fantasy” series, but recently the target has expanded,“assassin’s creed”It’s starting to include titles like series.

Scrub:scrub. Refers to a player who puts his own clumsiness on the shelf and loses due to external factors such as opponents or players who make excuses. troublesome type.

Skin:skin. Anything that changes the look of a character or environment. Character skins for “Call of Duty” and “Fortnite” are famous. Many can be unlocked by exchanging in-game currency or experience points.

Smurf:Smurf. A veteran player creating a separate account to easily win against lesser players. so-called novice hunting. If you run into it, you have no choice but to give up.

Snowball:snowball. The so-called “snowball”. It means that teams and characters grow over time and eventually become very powerful.

Tank:tank. One of the character types of shooters and RPGs, it refers to characters with high physical strength and defense. Acts as a shield for other characters.

TTK:Abbreviation for Time To Kill. It means the time between when you start attacking an enemy and when you kill them. Mainly used in FPS.

“Battlefield” series


WP:Abbreviation for Well Played. It means “It was a good play”. Used when complimenting your team or opponent. Almost synonymous with GG (Good Game). In fact, it is sometimes used continuously with “GGWP”.

XP:Abbreviation for Experience Point. Experience point. It can be obtained by clearing stages, eliminating enemy characters, winning battles, succeeding in combos, acquiring treasure chests, etc.

Zoning:Zoning. Don’t let your opponent earn experience points. Or literally, it means fighting your opponent from a distance. In fighting games, it refers to the long-range type.

Are there other words you use often?

In addition to the 50 words introduced above, here are some frequently used phrases.

  1. Cheese:cheese. Using tricks or holes in the system to win or complete objectives.

  2. Juggling: Juggling. To keep the opponent in the air in a fighting game. beanbag combo.

  3. Noob-Tube:noob tube. About the grenade launcher. Beginner players who want to use weapons that are difficult to handle but have high firepower tend to choose them.

  4. OP:Opie. Abbreviation for Overpowered. It means a weapon or ability that is too strong, or a character that has them. Broken.

  5. OTW:Abbreviation for On The Way. A word that tells a teammate that you are “on your way/near”.

What does a gamer know?

FakerNo player can tell a story with more implications. Known as a League of Legends legend player, he has this to say about his gaming:

League of Legends Icon Faker

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“One of my strong points is not only my playUnderstand the situation of the whole teamIt’s the place.”

Faker who speaks like thisDon’t bring a competitive spirit into your teamConcerning the importance of this, he continues:

“As it is well said,The word Team does not include IIt’s

How did the gaming term come about?

Ever since Atari came into the world, video games have long been a solitary experience.

However, with the release of multiplayer PC titles and the advent of online co-op play in Doom, the way gamers communicate changed. ToAbbreviationcame to be used.

The emergence of headsets changed communication

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Now that headsets are mainstream, gamers’ conversations are becoming more private. Therefore, although it may not always be friendly,Nothing brings a team closer to victory than good communicationLet’s remember

Learn the words and phrases above and sharpen your skills with players around the world!

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2018 was the worst year for professional video game Dota 2 team OG. The main force was transferred in a way that left a grudge, and he missed the qualifying exemption for the scene’s biggest tournament TI8. Chase the miracle of those who challenged the big tournament, which has updated the highest total prize money in esports history every year, and grabbed the glory. (Japanese subtitles)

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