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Four days after LS, it’s Yverdon’s turn to raise his voice in the face of the mistakes of Swiss football leaders. An initiative signed by Jean-Daniel Carrard, the trustee of Yverdon-les-Bains, who on Tuesday sent a letter to the ASF and its president, Dominique Blanc. A letter in which he shows his deep dissatisfaction with this decision to end the amateur championships prematurely without taking into account the rankings. A white season which deprives the undeniable leader of Promotion League (PL) of joining a Challenge League which was promised to him. “The Municipality is shocked by this unfair decision. While sport conveys values ​​of respect, moral quality and righteousness, ”writes, among others, the trustee.

A very clear and extremely rare position in favor of a sports organization that Jean-Daniel Carrard considers legitimate. “We did it because we are convinced that YS was the victim of a cruel injustice,” he said. The objective of this letter is that the decision makers of our football reconsider their decision. Everyone has the right to be wrong, but when this is the case and when we have the opportunity, it seems logical to me to correct my mistakes. “

Heavy consequences

If this were not to be the case, an entire region could suffer the heavy consequences, according to Jean-Daniel Carrard. “For the past five years, we have been walking hand in hand with Mario Di Pietrantonio (editor’s note: President of YS). Together, we are leading a major project that includes major investments – including eight million at the expense of the City – for a new stadium. The work has already started and whatever the verdict on YS, we will finish it; but what I fear is that Mr. Di Pietrantonio will throw in the towel if the ASF maintains its decision. It would be a big blow for our whole region, passionate about sport and football. ”

An initiative that the president of YS appreciated at its true value. “Of course this letter from the Municipality touches me, admits Mario Di Pietrantonio, but the injustice of which we are the victims continues to overwhelm me. I can easily understand and accept any sporting failure but not this kind of arbitrary and meaningless decisions. Especially when no one sees fit to contact us before deciding. ” Despite his sadness, the YS strongman does not give up hope that this sports heresy will be corrected. “If the Super League goes to 12, it would be logical for the Challenge League to stay at 10 teams. And since Yverdon and Rapperswil, the first two of PL, are ready for the big jump, it is still possible to injure no one. ”

Created: 05.05.2020, 19h16


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