FOOTBALL: Forlì on the starting grid, Protti, “More grafts coming soon”

FOOTBALL: Forlì on the starting grid, Protti, “More grafts coming soon”

Class and competitive spirit, talent and grit, the perfect mix to sum up the Tomaso Grassi Award 2023. Roberto Vecchione won, making it three of a kind in the golden register of the event. THE Superfrustino gave away a final evening full of emotions, with top-notch riding in all seven heats, rewarding the tactical sagacity and stainless caliber of Roberto Vecchione with the coveted cloth, in his third success from Cesena. Roberto Vecchione, leader after the series of 6 heats of the 2023 edition of the event, Vincenzo D’Alessandro, who finished second, and Maurizio Cheli presented themselves at the choice of the horses for the final race off. Almost forced choices. Vecchione opted for Vamos Op, the ribbon specialist, with D’Alessandro preferring Creso Risaia Trgf while Maurizio Cheli remained Argo Spritz, the unpenalised horse. Vamos Op immediately broke on the track, soon taken over by his interpreter with Creso Risaia recovering the penalty in a short time and Argo Spriz out due to disqualification. The two then went side by side up to the final 400m. At that point Vecchione accelerated and D’Alessandro had to settle for second place. Roberto Vecchione Vecchione had built his victory step by step, closing the series of six heats with 30 points in the farmhouse, the result of two victories and two second places; Vincenzo D’alessandro had scored 28 points thanks to two victories and some placings; Maurizio Cheli 16 points with a win and several placements. Now the big event at the Savio becomes the European Championship on 2 September.

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