Footage of the modernized “T-90” assault tank in the area of ​​operations… video

Footage of the modernized “T-90” assault tank in the area of ​​operations… video
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Today, Sunday, the Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of the work of the crews of the Russian T-90M “Borev” (storming) tank, which was developed in the framework of the special military operation.

And the first deputy director general of the state company “Rostec” for military industries, Vladimir Artyakov, announced that the company has quadrupled the production of military vehicles and armor.

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Artyakov said, during an interview with “Sputnik”, on the eve of the Army’s International Military-Technical Forum 2023, that “with the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, the production of armored vehicles has quadrupled. In many cases, shipments are made ahead of schedule.”

He continued by saying: “I believe that the vehicles that we send to the front are constantly being improved taking into account the combat experience and the effectiveness increases with the development dedicated to these vehicles.”


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