Foot OM – OM: Marseille excluded from C1, answer in a month!


During a videoconference with OM supporters drawn this week, Jacques-Henri Eyraud wanted to be reassuring about the situation of the club.

More than ever in the viewfinder of UEFA for non-compliance with fair play, the OM risks sanctions which can go at worst until the exclusion of the European cups. “The sanctions can go up to a sanction affecting our participation in the European championships for the 2021-2022 season, not for the next” Jacques-Henri Eyraud explained, however, in comments reported by 20 Minutes. In reality, the boss of Olympique de Marseille has it all wrong according to The team, who said on Tuesday that UEFA has the possibility if it deems it necessary to deprive the second of the French Champions League championship and this from the 2020-2021 season.

Jacques-Henri Eyraud, Frank McCourt and André Villas-Boas will be very quickly fixed since the media affirms that the Marseilles file is still under investigation and a decision must be rendered at the very beginning of June. UEFA has promised to be more lenient with clubs whose financial difficulties started with the Covid-19 crisis. On the other hand, the European body will not give any gift to those who were at fault before the pandemic. Marseille, which had a deficit of 91 ME last season, well before the appearance of the coronavirus in France, can therefore tremble. Especially since UEFA is keen to continue to apply its financial fair play regulations. Manchester City can testify, the defending champion of England having been banned from participating in the European Cups for the next two seasons, in addition to a fine of 30 ME. In all likelihood, the OM will therefore be sanctioned in June. It remains to be seen whether the European body will go so far as to prohibit the Marseille club from participating in the Champions League. There is nothing to say for the moment.


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