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A minority shareholder of Valenciennes, the casino operator Patrick Partouche does not envisage any collaboration with the current president of the VAFC. He is waiting for the possible departure of Eddy Zdziech to return to the game.

Minority shareholder of VAFC (21%) which failed to take control of the Valenciennes club (L2) in the summer of 2020 via his holding HRD, Patrick Partouche was criticized last Thursday by a banner deployed by the Ultras Roisters at the Casino of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (North): “PP, are you waiting until the VAFC is dead to attack?” “ And the least we can say is that the casino operator, who first responded on social networks, did not necessarily appreciate.

“I did not wait for a banner to do what I had to do”, he explained to us this Tuesday evening. The businessman says he has already recovered in court a first part of the money he had deposited in the club’s current accounts (€ 1.125 million plus € 500,000). This summer, he put President Eddy Zdziech on formal notice at the Valenciennes commercial court so that he could transfer the remainder to him.

“I am only a minority shareholder, he specifies. As long as Eddy Zdziech is in charge, nothing will happen. I tried to do all that I could. I put sorrel. I didn’t just talk. But I took a wall. It will collapse on its own. If the club falls lower, we’ll go get it wherever it is. Because I am attentive to the life of this club. Those who are in business will explode in midair. The goal is not to have ten years of legal proceedings. He made fun of me. As long as he’s here, forget about me. Let the President decide to do something with his club. “

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“He had a lot of worries with his employees, recalls Partouche, in allusion to several changes of coach, including the departure of Olivier Guégan for the benefit of Christophe Delmotte on November 4. When the employees are not good, we can ask ourselves the question of the quality of the boss. The guy decided to sink with his boat. I don’t want to be on the bridge. I went there economically. I invested and took my risks. It does not prevent me from sleeping. I am more concerned about the sporting situation. This club means a lot to me. But it is ruled by a dictator. “

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