Folk singer Emanuela and Elvis are together again


The folk singer Emanuela met once again with her lover Martin Nikolov, better known by his nickname Elvis. The two were spotted partying together at a hit disco in Student City in the company of two other friendly families.

A few hours after midnight, the merry company settled in one of the VIP booths in the club, and some of those present were very surprised to see Emanuela again in the company of her ex-boyfriend. We remind you that during their last separation, the singer announced that Martin had cheated on her and then said that in her heart there was always room for only one man, but this is not him. From her status on social networks, it became clear that she was very upset by the fact that another woman was in the arms of her lover, although the singer herself claimed that she was not offended by what happened.

Apparently everything in the column is already forgiven, because apparently they were both having a lot of fun, and Emanuela didn’t even forget to grab the microphone. That evening, her colleague Aria took part in the cube, and when she saw the celebrating company, she immediately went to the booth and greeted Emanuela several times, handing her the baton for a few songs at the end. The singer herself sang with pleasure, although she was not at work, but at a party, showing a very good mood, says Telegraph.


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