FLYING FISH wore Honorin Hamard

Portrait of Honorin Hamard, Paraglider and Freediver. Beating records or winning Paragliding championships is traditionally reserved for pilots in their thirties or more because it is a so-called late maturity activity, a sport where experience and patience are the key to success, more than strength. and adrenaline. Honorin Hamard at 25, broke this rule by winning the biggest competitions of recent years and by setting the most popular world records! According to him there is no reason that other young people of the France team cannot reach the highest steps of the podiums, of a sport for which the performance is closely linked to the mind and to the psychology. athletes! Breaking records and winning championships is normally reserved for pilots in their thirties. Paragliding is a sport where experience and patience are considered the keys to success, more than adrenaline or body strenght. Honorin, member of the French team and at the top of his sport, has managed to break this rule. In recent years he has won all the most prestigious competitions and broken all the most prized records. His accomplishments in paragliding have opened the way to younger pilots. In a sport where psychology and mental strength are deciding factors, Honorin believes that the top of the podium is accessible to the younger generation.


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