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Florida Airports Feel Shocked by Hundreds of Southwest Flight Cancellations | Video | Univision 23 Miami WLTV

by drbyos

people and placesofficially designated by theregime to do so.sandra: the effect of thecancellation of flights at levelinternational line, itis feeling at the airportof fort lauderdale in miami.ambrosio: airports areshowing their discontent afterlong hours of waiting.our partner tells usHow is the environment in thefort lauderdale airport.reporter: good afternoon.the situation is overquiet.see how is the counter of theline.it is less congested entitiesthat the weekend, and and.wings of 360 canceled flightsand about 800 delayed thisMonday, are the aftermath of adifficult weekend for theaeronautical.passengers from the south of theflorida felt the impact.they told me that there was nopassage becausethe flights had been canceled,becausethey did not help you in the good, nothere was a stewardess sowill work that day,that’s why the flights werecanceled.the airports were there:long lines of passengersstuck waiting for an answer.there were more than 1800 flightscanceled from the airline inall the pís.[habla en ingés]we were going to leave west palmbeach, and when was the timeto board they said that towardsa stewardess is missing, and whatwe should wait, 15 passedminutes and they gave us thatflight was canceled.Beverly says that afterget off the plane for a girlwaiting, and the only option tothe air line was to leave by fortlauderdale,he had to take a taxi for 130olars.they gave me a baucher, butthat does not make up my timelost in work or othersexpenses.the airline says that theproblem with controlcustomer service are wingslonger than usual “.something curious is that thefederal administration of theadministration that neon intwitter that they have registeredsome problems in controléreo.the airline in a statementmost recent neó again

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