Flight in the AIFA could not land due to dogs running on the runway – one plus one


Through social networks it was announced that Volaris flight 1025 from Oaxaca could not land at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) because there were “dogs running” on the runway.

Some witnesses published that the Volaris plane could not land normally on the AIFA runway.

According to reports from the pilots, who were alerted by the AIFA control tower, there were “dogs running on the runway” just at the moment the plane was about to land.

A social network user, who was apparently one of the passengers on Volaris flight 1025, indicated that upon learning that there were dogs running on the AIFA runway, his plane had to make a maneuver.

In this maneuver, the plane had to return to the air and wait for the animals to be removed from the runway.

So far the status of the dogs that were removed from the AIFA track is unknown.


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