Fixes mom’s earring. A touching video of the little son of Savelyeva and Safonov

Sasha Savelyeva shared a touching video with fans. She showed how the family is preparing for the holiday photo shoot. In the frame, Safonov is standing in a classic suit, looking at his smiling wife and the hero of the occasion. Little Leon went up to his mother to fix her silver earring.

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“Congratulations, honey. Let your son grow up healthy, strong, courageous, kind, ”Sati Kazanova, an ex-colleague at the Factory, wished Savelyeva. Fans of star parents also left warm words: “Happy birthday, baby. Joy and happiness to you! Peaceful sky above. Grow up healthy and strong for the joy of mom and dad”; May Leon always keep joy. Grows loving, ”users write.

By the way, despite the fact that the boy is already three years old, the artists are in no hurry to show his appearance to the public. They try to shoot the baby only from the back in order to maintain the privacy of their personal lives.

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Savelyeva only admitted that after the birth of a child, a small crisis ensued in their family. The couple moved from one apartment to a new one and had difficulty combining parental responsibilities.

“We decided that we would be with the baby for up to six months, but it turned out even more. And they lasted. They supported each other. Of course, you need to constantly work on relationships. Never behave incorrectly with a loved one, because you love him, no matter what. To realize that if he does or says something, it is not from evil. If you understand this, it’s easier. Everything in our family is built on trust,” said the singer.

Photo: Legion-Media


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