Five fascinating non-fiction books that can enrich your life

Five fascinating non-fiction books that can enrich your life
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Whether it’s our food, our health or aging. We recommend five non-fiction books that will make you see the world a little differently.

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A non-fiction book is usually understood as a book with knowledge-oriented content, aimed at readers who want to learn about a specific topic without being experts in the field. However, the term “non-fiction” is known for its imprecise definition and its sometimes different meanings. This article tells you which non-fiction books you should take a closer look at.

“Dangerously Tasty”: How the Food Industry Manipulates Us to Eat All the Unhealthy Things

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Chris van Tulleken points out a key factor responsible for this: highly processed foods. These foods are ubiquitous and difficult to avoid, even for people who watch their diet. Highly processed foods affect our bodies in a manipulative way – and that’s quite the intention of the industry. Their products are designed to get us addicted and entice us to buy and consume more and more.

Why does our body know exactly how much water we need, how much oxygen we need – but when it comes to eating, our systems seem to fail? Why is it that over the past few decades overweight and obesity has become a serious problem around the world, growing more serious every year?

Chris van Tulleken “Dangerously Delicious”

2023, Heyne, ISBN 13-978-3-453-21847-5

Price: hardback €24, e-book €16.99, number of pages: 416 (deviating from the format)

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“Tomorrowmind”: The toolkit for mental strength, health and more joy at work

Tomorrowmind presents you with scientifically based methods and practical exercises that you can use to maintain your mental health. It is not only aimed at individuals, but also specifically at companies. Because companies and their employees face the common challenge of developing a mindset for the future. Only by keeping our brains sharp can we all be successful!

Mobile working at flexible times sounds totally tempting. But is our hybrid New Work world also good for our psyche? Gabriella Kellerman and Martin Seligman subject them to an in-depth check: Due to increasing digitization, our work qualifications are becoming obsolete faster and faster, which in turn leads to higher employee fluctuation in the company. In addition, there is the new widespread disease of loneliness, because there is a lack of social ties among the employees. The consequences are burnout and stress disorders.

Gabriella Rosen Kellerman and Martin Seligman “Tomorrowmind”

2023, Ariston, ISBN 13-978-3-424-20264-9

Price: bound book 24 e, e-book €19.99, number of pages: 336 (deviating from the format)

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“Myth of maternal instinct”: How modern brain research frees us from old role models and allows us to rethink parenthood

This book presents groundbreaking research that offers a whole new perspective on parenting. A historical myth is dispelled: it shows how the belief in the maternal instinct came about, who benefits from it and what freedom we gain when we finally break away from it.

The maternal instinct sounds incredibly plausible, like an image of deep love paired with crazy competence. The only catch: it doesn’t exist. And that’s actually a reason to celebrate! Because the tale of instinct makes incredibly high demands on mothers – and leaves out all those who take care of a child without having given birth to it.

Annika Rösler and Evelyn Höllrigl Tschaikner “The Myth of Maternal Instinct”

2023, Kösel Verlag, ISBN 13-978-3-466-31202-3

Price: paperback €18, e-book €12.99, number of pages: 240 (deviating from the format)

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“Getting older makes me really hotter” – sometimes it cracks here, sometimes it cracks there

Getting older can be easy if you take it with a sense of humor. Silke Neumayer returns to the subject she loves to write about the most, even if her personal experiences and observations confront her with wrinkles: getting older.

With charm, openness and a large portion of comedy and self-mockery, she shows the big and small changes that are coming to us over the years. Be it the endless scrolling in drop-down menus until your year of birth appears, or the everyday struggle against the outward signs of aging that try to creep in.

Silke Neumayer “Getting older really makes me hornier”

2023, Heyne, ISBN 13-978-3-453-21843-7

Price: paperback 14 e, e-book €11.99, number of pages: 224 (deviating from the format)

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“Caring and Fighting”: Why gender equality in education and family makes us all freer

It seems that the world of children is already divided into two categories: pink and blue, loving and wild, caring and competitive. This division reinforces existing injustices and robs future women and men of the concrete opportunity to shape their own lives. The cultural journalist Anne Waak examines how toxic ideas of masculinity and femininity are reproduced in families, kindergartens and schools and makes a practical and non-dogmatic appeal to all those who bear responsibility: only if we raise our children to be feminists can we make the gender pay Overcome the gap, fight male self-destruction and violence against women, and free our society from the high costs of patriarchy.

Women in Germany earn more than 1,200 euros less than men per month and only receive half as much pension. On the other hand, they spend a third more time than their partners on housework even without children, while men face higher rates of addiction and mental illness and a lower life expectancy. Every three days a woman dies from male violence. Despite all the achievements of the past decades, there can be no talk of gender justice.

Anne Waak “Caring and Fighting”

2023, Goldman, ISBN 13-978-3-442-31703-5

Price: paperback €18, e-book €11.99, number of pages: 256 (deviating from the format)

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