Five arrested in connection with robberies committed in flats | Radio Coruña

Five people have been arrested in relation to the wave of robberies with force committed in several Galician cities, including A Coruña, according to the Government Delegation. It is a Itinerant band that moved from places outside of Galicia on time and that it mainly attacked houses, whose residents were absent. The national police have arrested them in Vigo. This weekend there have been at least fourteen house robberies and a couple of hotel establishments in A Coruña. A number that is added to the more than twenty registered in previous weekends.

Police officers have discussed the situation today with the Government Subdelegate, María Rivas, who has indicated the need to reinforce police forces. The Subdelegate has affirmed that the National Police has been developing various special preventive devices for a few weeks. In the framework of an operation that culminated in Vigo, five men who were part of a traveling gang that used to travel to coastal cities to assault flats during the summer have been arrested. The Judicial Police and the Citizen Security Brigade of A Coruña are making progress in the investigations in relation to this type of crime, according to the Government Delegation.

At least fourteen robberies in a weekend

Thieves act professionally and quickly. To the fourteen robberies reported this weekend in A Corua are added the 24 committed in previous weekends. The special device will last at least until the end of the month. The police ask for citizen collaboration and recommend not sharing information about the holidays on social networks, in addition to the usual tips to avoid theft when we are not at home.

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