Five afternoons, ten surprises

Kitzingen The Kitzingen advisory board for senior citizens and people with disabilities would like to finally offer the citizens another highlight. Now the time has come: Speaker Wolfgang Popp is beating the drum for the upcoming film week in the Roxy cinema in Kitzingen in October.

Question: You had to be patient for a long time. Now you can finally hold the long-planned senior film week at Roxy. Judging by the look on your face, are you very happy?

Wolfgang Popp: I’m actually very happy that the campaign can now take place in October. Actually, everything was already in the towel last year, but because of Corona we decided to postpone it. Now the film week joins the program of the current 60+ campaign weeks and will hopefully be a great success with many visitors.

Behind the campaign is the Advisory Board for Seniors and People with Disabilities of the City of Kitzingen?

Wolfgang Popp: Not only. As a speaker, I had the idea for it, but support from the VdK and above all the city of Kitzingen. In a way, the film week replaces the “music in the afternoon”, which I hosted in the Dean’s Office for many years – and which was always very well received. Looking for an alternative, because it is currently difficult to gather so many people in one room, I came up with the idea of ​​a film week. “Music in the afternoon” is now more or less “film in the afternoon”.

And how do you get to enjoy these films?

Wolfgang Popp: Everyone who fancies an afternoon in the cinema – not only seniors, by the way – are invited to get a suitable film voucher in the Roxy cinema with immediate effect. On site, visitors can find out which ten films are being shown – but they can also simply let themselves be surprised and only read the short descriptions of the films. The distributor is not allowed to advertise the film titles in public.

In order to make people curious, would you at least tell us in which direction the selection is going?

Wolfgang Popp: From the classic western from the McCarthy era from 1952 to the romantic comedy on the high seas from 2019, everything is included. There are films that make you think, others that shed light on German history and wartime, and still others that are just wonderfully entertaining.

What audience are you hoping to reach?

Wolfgang Popp: The invitation goes to all residents of Kitzingen and the district. Cinema fans are just as welcome as citizens who have not been in a cinema for many years and want to be enchanted by our Roxy. Perhaps one or two grandchildren will pack their grandmother or a couple of sprightly pensioners decide to go on a trip together again. I would be happy if word of the film week gets around and perhaps senior circles could mobilize some of its members.

Does it sound like you’re eager enough to make the event a permanent fixture on the city’s annual calendar?

Wolfgang Popp: Of course it would be great if the film week established itself – but sooner or later I would be happy to hand it over to younger hands. (laughs)

Senior Film Week

Date: From Monday to Friday, October 11th to 15th, two films will be shown daily at 3 p.m.

Tickets: Free cinema vouchers can now be picked up from the Roxy cinema in Kitzingen during opening hours. Reservations under Tel. 09321/1409600.

Film selection: October 11: Western (1952) or Comedy (2012); October 12: tragic comedy (2018) or story (2019); October 13: Post War Film or Seniors (2003); October 14: Comedy (2019) or war film; October 15: Drama (2013) or crime novel.


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