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There are those who take the car, drive a few kilometers and, after reaching a more or less secluded place, leave their waste on the street, in defiance of the rules, soiling without any hesitation. It happens especially in the evening, or at night, but in less frequented areas even in broad daylight. It is a real plague. To run for cover, several municipal administrations are equipping themselves with video traps: hidden cameras, placed in hot places, in order to immortalize these uncivilized people and, once identified, to sanction them. TO Cascina (Pisa) the Municipality announces that more than ten fines have already been imposed for the abandonment of waste in the municipal area, thanks to the video traps that have been recently installed. Photographed – and sanctioned – some residents of Caserta but also “commuters” of waste.

“The work of these months is bearing the first fruits – says the mayor of Cascina Michelangelo Betti -. The activation of a network with these characteristics is not easy and the municipal offices, in particular the municipal police, the IT area and the environmental department, are to be thanked for having brought the installation to a conclusion ”.

The video traps have not been placed in fixed places, in order not to give points of reference and to make the control over the territory more extensive. They will run throughout the Municipality, in the points most exposed to abandonment, also taking into account the reports of citizens, who often complain about the abandonment of waste. Ninety more cameras are expected to be positioned by the end of the year, reaching nearly one hundred observation points. Also expected to increase the amount of sanctions. Those who break the rules currently have to pay 65 euro. A negligible figure, in hindsight, given the damage caused.

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