Fireball sighted over Germany: white-bluish meteor could be seen for seconds

A meteor bathed the night sky over southern Germany in a green light on Thursday (October 7th, 2021). The picture shows a meteor above the Gahberg observatory on Lake Starnberg in November 2020.

© Erwin Filimon/dpa

On Thursday evening, a meteor apparently lit the night sky over the Rhine-Main area and other parts of Germany.

Update from Friday, October 8th, 2021, 9 a.m .: The fireball, which was seen yesterday Thursday around 8:23 p.m. over the Rhine-Main area and neighboring regions, was also captured by numerous cameras. Several cameras of the European “AllSky7 fireball network” could record the bolide. The videos show that the fireball flies almost parallel to the horizon, it moves relatively slowly and is very bright.

A member of the forum of the working group Meteore eV describes the meteor as “white-bluish”. He observed “the whole thing in disbelief, unsure of what exactly I am observing”. A Twitter user reports: The meteor was visible for at least three seconds and was “quite impressive and in no way comparable to a falling star”.

Fireball over the Rhine-Main area: why it wasn’t a meteorite

Currently are too several streams of falling stars can be seen in the sky* – whether the fireball is related is not yet clear.

However, the luminous phenomenon in the sky was not a meteorite: By definition, a meteorite is a rock (or similar) from space that is found on earth after it has penetrated the earth’s atmosphere. The luminous phenomenon that is visible in the sky is called a meteor or – depending on the intensity, also a fireball or a fireball.

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Fireball over Frankfurt and Offenbach: Meteor moved across the sky for several seconds

First report from Thursday, October 7th, 2021, 11 p.m .: Frankfurt – Some people may have rubbed their eyes just to be on the safe side. However, what was seen on Thursday evening (October 7th, 2021) over Frankfurt, Offenbach and the Rhine-Main area was actually real.

On the short message service Twitter, reports of a meteor that is said to have flown towards the surface of the earth accumulated. “I was just able to observe a falling meteorite in bright green color,” wrote a Twitter user.

Meteor over Frankfurt and Offenbach can be seen in the night sky for several seconds

According to initial information, the meteor could be seen in the night sky over southern Germany for several seconds shortly after 8:30 p.m. “We are 25km north of Frankfurt, looking south, meteorite flew from east to west, felt Offenbach over Frankfurt in the direction of Wiesbaden, sparkling, thought of flying object. Extinguished west of Frankfurt, “it says in another tweet. Numerous users in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg confirmed the observations.

According to Andreas Eberle from the Stuttgart observatory, the flying object is said to have been a fireball, as he told the radio station SWR3. Due to the direction of flight from east to west, it can be assumed that it was a stone from space, not space junk. Because, according to Eberle, the meteor flew at a height of around 70 kilometers above the earth, the object could also be seen well in larger areas. (esa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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