Fireball in the Berlin night sky – video shows spectacle

BerlinA spectacular natural spectacle stole the show from the Berlin “Festival of Lights” on Thursday evening. The video of a fireball over the illuminated Charlottenburg Palace thrilled the Twitter community on Friday.

The picture shows the castle illuminated in bright colors, only to swivel quickly to the night sky. There you can see how a flash of light illuminates the sky and then slowly burns up. The cameraman wrote that he was still in awe of his observation.

the „International Meteor Organisation“ (IMO) has now registered more than 60 reports of the sky spectacle at 9:38 p.m. The flash of light was a meteor, a cosmic chunk that burns up as a falling star in the earth’s atmosphere. These particularly bright meteors are also called fireballs. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) also shared the video of the sighting of a hobby astronomer on Twitter.

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