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Fire in one shop of tires and Max wheels damaged half a million – fresh news

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Fire at a tire shop – on time 02.00 A. A date 5 May 2564 T.T.T.Phannipong Chittaranon Hundred.investigate Office.Khu Khot was notified of the fire at the shop AA auto max Lamlukka Road 19 No. 20-65 m.18 T.Khu Khot T.Lamlukka E.Pathum Thani Therefore went to inspect the scene with a number of fire engines from Khu Khot municipality 1 rod

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The scene was a tire shop. And alloy wheels The flames were burning rubber tires from the back of the shop, so firefighters sprayed them with chemical extinguishers. 4 tank But the fire was still not calm, so the water was extracted. 15 Minutes so the fire can be controlled

Fire at a tire shop

From asking employees in the store Mr. Thawatchai Yom Sri Ken age 27 year Nakhon Sawan residents Said he heard the sound of the explosion and came out to see that the fire was burning in the work of Max cars and tires, so the staff members were called to use the chemical tank. 4 The tank keeps the fire out. But cannot be extinguished Therefore call. To request help from the police

Usually there will be workers lying in the shop. 1 people At this point, but I don’t know where we went today and I don’t know what the cause of the fire was.

Fire at a tire shop

Side.T.T.Phannipong Chittaranon Investigate at the scene of the accident and record images to keep as evidence and ask eyewitnesses. Along with reporting for proving evidence of the district 1 Pathum Thani to investigate the scene in the morning Which estimated the damage 500,000-600,000 baht


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