Fire devours 7 fishing boats in the Egyptian port of Berenice… Video

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A massive fire devoured 7 fishing boats in the Berenice port in the Red Sea Governorate, southeast of Egypt.

The boats, which work in the “chinchola” craft, a craft specialized in fishing popular fish such as sardines, bananas, shuk al-Zour and caskomari, caught fire, according to the Egyptian Al-Ahram Gate website.

ونقل “News Portal” websiteAccording to a source, the fire engulfed the seven boats, while nearly ten others were rescued.

The source said that these boats stopped working for this period and are anchored in the port, and maintenance was being carried out for one of them by its owner.

He pointed out that after the maintenance was completed, the boats caught fire, while the marine rescue forces moved to intervene and extinguish the fire.

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