Fiorentina have already notified Real Madrid: they are willing to pay to keep Odriozola

The Italian team has warned that it is capable of paying those 20 million purchase option

Álvaro Odriozola is waking up on his loan with Fiorentina after spending several days at Real Madrid as a substitute. Carvajal’s presence is what has kept him on the bench for so long.

As we have learned in Central defense by sources very close to the white set, Fiorentina is giving Madrid notices that they want to keep Odriozola.

The purchase option is 20 million euros and they are willing to pay it. The fact is that Madrid also wants to keep it and everything will remain in the hands of the Basque player.

With the arrival of Ancelotti, an opportunity opened up for the right-back, but he was clear that he wanted to go out on loan this season because he needed games, minutes and continuity. Thing that he has acquired in Fiorentina.

His level is being very positive and he is standing out as an offensive side. This has made Ancelotti (who always loved him) want to pick him up for next season as reported ABC.

The continuous injuries of Dani Carvajal have left Madrid with serious problems in that position and Lucas Vázquez has been in charge of fulfilling the role on the right side, but it looks out of place.


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