Finance circle : 10 September 2021

■■ “Khaekwan Rojwattanakul” Marketing Director provident fund business TISCO Asset Management Company emphasizes the importance of financial planning for retirement of provident fund (PVD) members by expanding education services to members covering all life stages, including saving, debt management, risk management and tax planning through LINE under the name “Freedom byTISCO PVD” to facilitate TISCO’s provident fund members with up to 646,000 from more than 4,600 employers. Just add LINE Official : @TISCOASSET, you can add Freedom by TISCO PVD as a friend and use the service in various functions immediately. For the security of member information for My Provident Fund service, check balance fund Must be approved for service activation from the fund committee by allowing members to register to verify their identity before using the service

■■ World Flex Company or WFX, the leader in the business of manufacturing and distributing elastic yarn, which is used as a component in the production of various types of finished goods such as apparel, underwear, medical equipment, furniture, etc., with more than 30 years of experience. Hit with continuously growing revenue and profit Now fully ready to step into Being a freshman with a red label in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has a great mentor with countless masterpieces. Such as KTBST Securities Company (SEC) closely supervising this event, “Nat Wongsasuthikul” MD WFX told me that he was relieved and worried. Waiting for the day to take off in the stock market Ready to trade fully! After seeing this, I could only tell you to be patient a bit.

■■ TTB credit card helps customers save expenses during the promotion period 9.9 when spending at Central App, Robinson Online and MOnline applications or websites, receive a 300 baht discount throughout September 2021. Shop at the website or Central application and from 3,000 baht or more/sales slip, get a 300 baht discount from today until 13 September 2021. Shop at the website. from 3,000 baht or more/sales slip, get a 300 baht discount from today until 29 September 2021, with special privileges for monthly installment payment service with ttb so goood, 0% interest for 3 months with a minimum balance of 1,000 baht. /sales slip Just make a transaction via the ttb touch application. Ask for more information at ttb contact center 1428 ■■

Yaowaluk Somchitsakul


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