Final in the tunnel boring machine competition –

The time has come on Sunday: Then ten mechanical engineering students, three of whom are from Fulda, could officially have built the fastest tunnel boring machine in the world. Because then in Las Vegas the final of a tunneling competition of Tesla boss Elon Musk, in which the students take part.

Team leader Adrian Fleck: “I think we have good chances in the final.”

The “Dirt Torpedo”, as the tunnel boring machine developed by the students is called, will then show what it can do and have to assert itself against the other eleven finalists. Team leader Adrian Fleck said in an FFH interview that he thinks the Dirt Torpedo will have a good chance in the final. “We have built a very robust machine that works reliably even at very high temperatures. Our machine eats its way through the rock and concretes the tunnel right behind it. I think that the other finalists, especially with the adverse conditions in the desert of Las Vegas will have problems – our Dirt Torpedo will not. “

Dream almost failed because of the USA’s entry rules

The ten students have been in Las Vegas for several days and are preparing for the finals. There were some problems beforehand – because of the currently strict entry rules in the USA, the students almost couldn’t have traveled to Las Vegas. In the end everything worked out – and the Dirt Torpedo also arrived safely in the Las Vegas desert.


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