films that removed the Twin Towers from their productions

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The tragedy of 9/11 and the fall of the Twin Towers represents a wound for the American people, so much so that some films even came together to perform a tribute.

The attack on September 11, 2001, which left more than 3,000 dead and more than 6,000 injured, also affected some productions of the seventh art.

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Towers 1 and 2 were undoubtedly an important symbol in the cinematic history of cinema.

In addition to a reference for foreigners visiting or approaching the northern country for the first time.

However, when the twin towers fell, many films that were being filmed, some that had already come out decided to remove these buildings so as not to hurt susceptibilities.

Imagen: Pixabay

Movies That Changed After 9/11

Men In Black II

The movie starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith she was forced to change the final scene of the tape.

In the original script the characters saved the world in the Twin Towers, in the final product everything happened in the Statue of Liberty.

Spider Man

In the first trailer for Spider-Man, a 2002 film, an image was presented where a helicopter was trapped in the middle of the web that the superhero wove between the two buildings.

In the result of the film, this scene, nor these characters appeared in the film.

spiderman/Foto: pixabay

My poor little angel 2

Despite the fact that my poor little angel was a success almost 11 years ago, this tape was edited, so the movie we see every year in December on television is no longer an edited version.

In the original movie, Kevin sees the towers and climbs to the top of them, this you will not see again.


Surely this movie does not sound like you, and you will not find it, because before the fall of the Twin Towers, Jackie Chan would star in ‘Nosebleed’, however, due to the plot the tape was canceled.

The story told about a glass cleaner in the Twin Towers who discovers a terrorist plan to blow up the Statue of Liberty and tries to prevent it.

Disney also changed one of its tapes

In the animated film Lilo and Stitch, the final scene had to be repainted. In the original scene, aliens fly in a plane crashing into buildings in the city. This was changed by a ship manning between buildings by the mountains of a beach.

9/11, the Twin Towers and the attacks on the Pentagon undoubtedly represent a wound for the American people, which is why the cinema joined in this way to commemorate their loss.

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