FilGoal | News | Ashraf Sobhi’s message to Al-Shorbagy, and what if he asked to return to Egypt… and solve the soldier’s problem

Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, believes that the departure of squash player Mohamed El Shorbagy to play for England does not sadden him at all.

The Minister of Sports revealed that Mohamed El Shorbagy would be welcomed if he thought of returning to play in the name of Egypt again.

Mohamed El-Shorbagy decided to play his international competitions under the flag of England after obtaining citizenship several months ago, and played his first match in the name of England today, Wednesday, in the Mauritius Open.

Ashraf Sobhi said on the Sada Al-Balad channel: “My message to Muhammad Al-Shorbagy, I hope that God will help him, you have been living in England for a while and it is good for us to have an Egyptian product there.”

The Egyptian Sports Minister added, “I am not sad at all, on the contrary, we are the adults and we supply to other countries.”

When asked what if Al-Shorbagy thought of returning to Egypt, he replied, “We will certainly welcome him, because it is his country in the end.”

Ashraf Sobhi continued, “Squash is a game that was created because of parents in Egypt, but the professional player now has no less than 5 to 8 million income, and his contract in the club only is no less than 400,000 pounds, along with the sponsoring companies.”

The Egyptian Minister of Sports revealed, “There are some countries that were emptied of squash early, so we decided, in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education, to provide scholarships for players in major universities in Egypt because of the scholarships that come to them from other foreign countries.”

Speaking about the crisis of Ahmed El-Gendy, the modern pentathlon champion, he explained, “Egypt’s Olympic champions are my children. We care about all their matters, even education, and there are sports grants and motivation.”

Ahmed El-Gendy complained through his personal account this morning, Wednesday, that he was prevented from entering the car park next to the swimming complex in Cairo Stadium due to an official who decided to prevent this, before the Minister of Sports contacted him and the problem was resolved.

Ashraf Sobhi continued, “I contacted the CEO of Cairo Stadium to discuss the Ahmed El-Gendy crisis. I do not want to simplify matters and am interested in all the details.”

The Minister of Sports revealed, “The Executive Director of Cairo Stadium informed me that there is a swimming championship and the transfer of equipment, so the car park was closed, and Ahmed El-Gendy goes to training at six in the morning, and the security personnel did not know him.”

Ashraf Sobhi concluded his statements, “It may not require the intervention of the Minister of Sports, but I deal with our Olympic champions as my children, as I said, and I contacted the president of the Modern Pentathlon Union, and the problem was quickly resolved.”

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