FilGoal | News | A source in Al-Ismaili to Fil Joule: The new coach is local… and the secret of the failure of the negotiations with Desabre

The Ismaili club’s board of directors decided to appoint a local technical director after negotiations with former coach Sebastien Desabre failed.

A source in Ismaili told “The new coach has been settled, and he will be local.”

He continued, “The new coach will be announced today, Thursday, and negotiations with the foreign coach failed.”

Regarding Desabre’s position, the source explained, “There were already negotiations, but they failed in the end.”

“Desabre revealed a request to determine the salary of six months, the value of the penalty clause, with the contract continuing for two seasons.”

“We considered it an exaggeration on the part of the French coach and decided to negotiate with a local coach,” he concluded.

Al-Ismaili was in attempts to renew Ihab Jalal’s contract with the team, but he apologized for not completing his mission with the Dervishes.


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