FilGoal | News | A legal source in Zamalek for the Joule: stopping FIFA from registering deals, not the initial list

A legal source in Zamalek explained the details of stopping Zamalek from registering new deals from the International Football Association “FIFA”.

The source stated to FilGoal.comAt the outset, it must be clarified that the entry on the first list of the Football Association has nothing to do with it.

He added, “The ruling concerns the new deals because of the cases of Hossam Ashraf and Christian Gross.”

He explained: “The first case concerns the accusation of Zamalek of signing with Hossam Ashraf, despite his contract with a Cameroonian club, and the suspension was issued directly with a fine of 4 million euros, the value of the penalty clause that was present in the player’s contract, and it was reduced to 220 thousand euros.”

He continued, “Zamalek moved and filed a lawsuit against FIFA’s decision at the International Sports Court in order to race against time to stop FIFA’s decision before closing the door for local registration in Egypt.”

He pointed out: “The second case concerns Gross, and Zamalek was also fined 700 thousand euros, and the payment period expired, so FIFA suspended the registration.”

And he concluded: “Zamalek is threatened with similar penalties to stop the registration in the rest of the international cases, such as Maarouf Youssef, Sporting Lisbon and Maritmo, while the club is working to settle cases such as Pacheco and Achimbong, while the Al-Naqaz case was closed by contracting with him.”

Hussein Labib, president of Zamalek Club, had stated on Al-Nahar channel that “Zamalek has been suspended from listing new deals since last June.”



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